TMNT Cowabunga Collection Gameplay Leaked, Looks Phenomenal

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowbabunga Collection is a hell of a mouthful, and thankfully also a great game. Well, more a collection of remasters than a single game, but we saw the menu and some gameplay from a recent leak, and we're very impressed. Anyone who wants to relive their childhood should check it out.

Tmnt cowabunga collection
We're lean, we're green, and we're mean! | © Konami

If you're looking for a modern triple-A game that takes itself seriously, check out some of the fantastic recent announcements we saw at Gamescom. But this is not that. This is a very silly and nostalgic collection of games that we now get to enjoy with all the features we expect of modern games. Basically, if you were in love with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid, and you want to return to a simpler time, then you're going to love this collection. If you have no history with TMNT, then move along.

The collection isn't out yet, but we've just seen some leaked gameplay footage, and we're very impressed with how seamlessly they've bundled and upgraded these older games. We think you will be too, so check it out.

TMNT Cowabunga Collection Gameplay

Footage of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowbabunga Collection was anonymous uploaded online ahead of the game's release on August 30, and it looks incredibly well polished. These kinds of collections are often clunky, and there's rarely much effort put into improving the accessibility features, but that's absolutely not the case with the Cowabunga collection (if only the KOTOR Remaster was getting this well-developed).

Check out gameplay from the TMNT Cowabunga Collection below:

This was anonymously uploaded to Streamable, and we don't know how much longer it'll stay up, but it was good to get a sneak preview while we could.

What do you think about the TMNT Cowabunga Collection? Will you be returning to your youth with this puppy, or are you ready to move on from the 90s?

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