WWE 2K23: Release, Platforms, John Cena Showcase & All Details

John Cena will play a leading role in the new WWE 2K23! We explain this and all other information about the release, the platforms and the different game modes – and we also could already play the game – find out what we think about it here.

Here are all the news about the new WWE 2K23 with John Cena! | © 2K

2Kwill release a new WWE! WWE 2K23, developed by Visual Concept, will soon be on the market. Wrestling legend John Cena plays a leading role here, and he is not only the cover star. In addition to Cena, there are other stars of the wrestling scene, and popular modes from past games are also returning.

Wrestling fans can look forward to a promising game from 2K, available to buy for both old and next gen.

WWE 2K23: John Cena As Cover Star

John Cena is probably the most famous wrestler in the world, and 2K is taking advantage of that with Cena as the cover star for the new WWE 2K23. You can face the 16-time world champion in the ring in the 2K Showcase and thus push your wrestling limits. Here's what Cena had to say about the collaboration with 2K:

"I am very excited to be able to tell the story of my career in WWE 2K23 Showcase. 2K has done a fantastic job of breathing even more life into the WWE 2K series with this concept, and I'm honoured to be on the cover of WWE 2K23."

We can't wait to play the new WWE game, how about you? Make sure to leave us a comment down below if you are as hyped as we are.

WWE 2K23 Platforms

WWE 2K23 will be released for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via Steam. That means, that we can play the game on old- and next-gen. Let's go!

WWE 2K23 Release Date

WWE 2K23 Deluxe Edition and Icon Edition are scheduled to launch worldwide in Early Access on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, followed by Standard Edition and Cross-Gen on Friday, March 17, 2023.

New Features In WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 features several enhancements to the series, including a unique new variant of the 2K Showcase, the WWE 2K introduction of fan-favourite WarGames and expansions to several popular game modes. Fans can also look forward to an extensive line-up of WWE Superstars and Legends, including Roman Reigns, "American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and more.

Realistic graphics, animations, camera angles and lighting, as well as intuitive controls and a new optional pinning mechanic are designed to support the immersive experience. We are curious to see whether 2K will walk the walk.

First Review For WWE 2K23

EarlyGame was among the few chosen ones to get their hands on the new WWE 2K23. We could play a few hours already and tell you that it was really fun.

After the disaster (WWE 2K20 – let's not talk about it) and an okay-ish comeback with WWE 2K22, we now get a game that will be playable again. We could not test internet connection and multiplayer options – which was a big problem in recent years. We hope that 2K will improve their server performance. But the gameplay in forms of fist fights, kicks, body slams and special moves are definitely better than before.

There are all the modes we want to have (see them further below) but couch co-op is something you can always play with friends. Oh, and there's a new Showcase with John Cena.

You will be playing as his biggest opponents and rivals, and the story progresses from the pint of view of John Cena. Cutscenes look clean, especially because they used a lot of real life fights as introduction and then switch right into the game. Graphics are up-to-date, not outstanding, but enhanced compared to recent years. We could imagine the WWE stars to look a bit more realistic, but you will recognize everybody at first sight.

There were almost no bugs, one time there was some glitching through the ring, no bigger deal. If you think about buying 2K23, you can expect a solid fighting game with a broad variety of wrestlers – male or female. And a lot of different options to get into the ring yourself.

If you aren't a long-time wrestling fan and want to get every Icon or character available, we recommend the standard edition.

WWE 2K23 Editions And Pre-order Bonuses

There are four different editions of WWE 2K23: Standard Edition, Cross-Gen, Deluxe Edition, and Icon Edition:

  • The Standard Edition will be available at a price of $59.99 both physically and digitally on Previous-Gen platforms (PS4, Xbox One) and PC, and at a price of $69.99 on Current-Gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S).
  • The Cross-Gen Edition will be available digitally at a price of 74.99 euros for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It includes the Standard Edition for the old and current console generation within the same console family and for the same PlayStation or Xbox account.
  • The Deluxe Edition will be available at a price of €99.99 both physically and digitally for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and digitally for PC. The Deluxe Edition includes the Standard Edition plus the Bad Bunny Bonus Pack plus a Season Pass for all five post-release DLC content packs, the MyRISE Mega Boost and SuperCharger; the Ruby John Cena My FRAction Evo Card, Gold Edge My FRAction Card, Emerald Bianca Belair My FRAction Card, Gold Asuka My FRAction Card and three Basic Premium Launch My FRAction Card packs. The Deluxe Edition will be available from March 14th, 2023 - three days before the Standard and Cross-Gen Edition.
  • The Icon Edition will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC at a price of €119.99, including original cover art by renowned WWE-inspired artist Rob Schamberger. In addition to the Standard Edition and all of the Deluxe Edition bonus content, the Icon Edition includes the Ruthless Aggression Pack celebrating John Cena's 20-year WWE career with his early "prototype" character, "Leviathan" Batista, developmental rookie versions of Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, and the 'John Cena Legacy Championship' and WrestleMania 22- Among the additional bonus content are the Emerald Paul Heyman My FRAKTION manager card and three Deluxe Premium Launch My FRAKTION card packs. The Icon Edition will be available from March 14th, 2023 - three days before the Standard and Cross-Gen Edition.

Game Modes In WWE 2K23

WWE 2K players get a mix of old and new game modes:

  • 2K Showcase with John Cena: Defeating John Cena in the ring is an achievement few superstars can boast. In an new version of the 2K Showcase, you can step into the boots of some of Cena's toughest competitors with one goal in mind: to defeat the man who "never gives up". In the interactive sports entertainment documentary, Cena personally narrates his 20-year WWE career using 2K's unique Slingshot technology, which provides seamless transitions between gameplay and live-action footage to bring the defining moments of each match to life.
  • WarGames: Fan-favourite, chaotic and action-packed WarGames make their debut in WWE 2K23, bringing pulse-pounding action 3v3 and 4v4 for solo players:inside or in multiplayer chaos in two side-by-side rings surrounded by a double steel cage.
  • My GM: Now there are more GMs to choose from - but you can also create your own GM - plus more show options, multiple seasons, expanded match cards and more match types for up to four players:inside. You build a roster, manage budgets, sign free agents, choose from different match types, arena locations, production elements and more - all with the goal of outplaying a GM rival in weekly ratings competitions.
  • My Faction: Now offering online multiplayer action, Team Build mode returns as players collect a range of WWE Superstars and Legends to build their ultimate team of four. You can now compete online with their faction for global dominance or in Weekly Towers and Faction Wars. New themed map packs and objectives will be released consistently throughout the year.
  • My Story: Up-and-coming Superstars can step through the curtain onto the stage in My Story, make their WWE debut and influence the course of their career with decisions. With individual storylines for the Men's Division and Women's Division and the ability to import Superstars of their own creation, you take a journey from humble beginnings as a rookie to immortal WWE legend.
  • Universe: The Ultimate WWE Universe sandbox puts players in charge of their own version of WWE, from Superstar squads, feuds and champions to weekly shows and premium live events! Updates to Universe include a revamped story system and more.
  • Creation Suite: One of the most popular features of the WWE 2K series, the Creation Suite, returns with cross-platform community works. There is also the option to design your own Superstars, GMs, arenas, entrances, move sets, championships and more. Custom arenas are now playable online; customisation options have been expanded for entrances you create yourself.

That is it for now, but if we get more news on WWE 2K23 in the future, we will let you know right here!

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