Battlefield 2042 | Playlist Update Today

We get a new rotation of game modes for All-Out-Warfare and Portal every week, here's what we've got to enjoy this time around.

Playlist Update today
So what have we got to enjoy this week? | © EA

As with previous Battlefield titles, each week the devs rotate the available game modes. With the notable exception of Conquest, which is the definitive Battlefield mode, and will always be available to play. If you don't know what that is, then don't worry – we're going to break down every possible game mode beneath. We'll also give you an overview of what this week's game modes are, and let you know exactly when to expect the playlist update each week.

You should be aware before we begin that by creating a Portal experience, you can create and play whichever mode you want, whenever you want. The Portal hub promotes the “Official Portal Experiences” each week, but you can always create your own. We have a complete guide on how to create your own Portal games if you haven't tried it out yet.

What Are This Week's Game Modes? (June 9 / Season 1 Week 1)


  • Conquest
  • Breakthrough


  • Battlefield 2042 Factions & Older Battlefield Maps: Flashback Conquest
  • Every Battlefield Game: Rush Hardcore
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 vs. Battlefield 3: Team Deathmatch

If you're looking for the best weapon to use, and the best Specialist for this week of Battlefield 2042, look no further:

When Is The Weekly Playlist Update?

The weekly Battlefield 2042 update occurs every Thursday at 07:00 ET (14:00 GMT, 13:00 CET), give or take a couple of hours. But you can expect a new playlist every week, unless they make a drastic change. We will of course update this article for you whenever that happens. There's a chance they will change the current weekly schedule when Season 1 begins.

The Battlefield weekly challenges are also updated at this time, so if you're looking for free cosmetics, then we highly advise you to check them out. Our weekly challenges page provides tips each week, so you can usually get them done in less than 2 hours, and sometimes the rewards are pretty sweet.

What Are The Different Game Modes in Battlefield 2042?

At present, only All-Out-Warfare and Portal enjoy new modes each week. Hazard Zone remains the same each week.


In All-Out-Warfare, we get the following two modes, with the only variation we've seen being in player count. These are typically 128 player modes, but sometimes we get the option to play Conquest and Breakthrough with 64 player lobbies.


Conquest in Battlefield 2042 is similar to Domination in Call of Duty. Essentially, the map is divided into a number of sectors, and within each sector are several individual objectives. When a team has the majority control over an objective (more players physically within that objective area) then they capture it. Capture every objective in a sector, and your team controls that sector. For each sector that a team controls, they bleed off the enemies tickets. Each team starts with 1,300 tickets, and they lose when they get to 0. Killing the enemy team will also cost them one ticket per kill.


In Breakthrough, the defenders start with every sector under their control and unlimited respawns. The attackers have to capture every control point in a sector before they can move on to the next sector. In this way, the attackers gradually take control of the map, moving sector by sector linearly along the map. To make this more challenging, the attackers have a finite amount of respawns or “tickets” at the beginning of the match, and these tickets only refresh once a new sector is captured.


In Portal, we get a wide variation of modes each week. Usually each mode is limited to the maps and assets from one of the four titles currently available in Portal (Battlefield 2042, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3), but going forward we expect them to start mixing and matching the maps and assets from various titles in a single game mode.

Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival is a mode created by the legendary content creator StoneMountain64. In the mode, you work with other players to fend off an army of undead bots. The zombies are unarmed, but you have weapons from Battlefield 2042.

X Mode of Ages

Anytime you see a mode called “Rush of Ages”, or “Conquest of Ages”, or some other mode “of Ages”, then all it's saying is that it uses assets from every Battlefield game available in Portal.

Gun Master

Gun Master works in the same way that Gun Game does from other shooters. It's a free-for-all mode, so you work alone, and your job is simply to kill anyone else you see. But rather than getting your normal loadout, everyone in the lobby starts with the same random weapon, and then with every kill you make your current weapon is swapped for a different random weapon. But everyone in the lobby has to go through the same sequence of weapons to make 20 kills and win. So you might all start with the VCAR, then whenever a player makes their first kill, they will go to the G44, then on the second kill up to the NTW-50 and so on.


This is a mode as old as shooter, so we don't need to go into too much detail here. Kill everyone. That's really the one and only objective of Free-For-All. There are no objectives, there are no teammates, as we say, just kill everyone. Or try to….


Rush is a 16 versus 16 experience in which soldiers enter the match on the attacking or defending team. The map is divided into linear sectors, such that the defenders start by holding sector A then when they lose, that they're pushed back to defend sector B, and then C, and D and so on, until the attackers have captured every sector and won, or they've run out of their respawn tickets to do so. To “conquer” a sector, the attackers must plant bombs on two objectives located in each sector. Defenders have unlimited respawns and access to pre-built and buildable fortifications in each sector.

Classic Conquest

Classic Conquest is just like the aforementioned Conquest mode, except the map isn't divided into sectors. Instead, there are simply five objectives to fight for control of. When you control these, then you bleed off more of their tickets per second, in addition to the kills you make, which also bleed off their tickets.

You may want to consider bookmarking this hub if you found it useful. We update the playlists each week once the Battlefield update is implemented. So far, as you can see, we've only seen fairly limited mode variety, but we expect to see more, and maybe even the return of Operations once Battlefield 1 content is brought into Portal.