Battlefield 2042 Weekly Challenges: Missions Requirements & Rewards

Battlefield 2042 has weekly challenges with their own rewards. But how do you complete them? And is this week's reward even worth it?

Battlefield 2042 weekly challenges
It's a nice way to keep you using different weapons, and trying out different mechanics. Plus, who doesn't love rewards? | © EA

Battlefield 2042 introduced weekly challenges about a month after launch, and it looks like they're here to stay. How should you complete them? Where do you find them in-game? And are they even worth? You can find those answers and more beneath.

What is a Weekly Challenge in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has weekly challenges comprised of three missions per week, if you do whatever the three mission objectives are by then end of the week, you get a cosmetic reward. They aren't anything mental, and they're intentionally designed so that anyone who plays even a little should be able to complete them each week. But, consequently, the cosmetic rewards are never going to be as cool as something you could buy in the store. Well, we say cool… but some of the store cosmetics are… just the wrong vibe for Battlefield.

What is this Week's Reward? (June 2 / Preseason Week 24)

This week's reward is a skin for MD540 Nightbird called “Crow", you can see it beneath:

Weekly challenges june 2
All aboard! | © EA

Boring, perhaps, but it will appeal to some.

How To Complete The Current Weekly Challenge (June 2 / Preseason Week 24)

This week, you need to complete the following three missions:

  1. Replenish 500 health to teammates or their vehicles.
  2. Inflict 1,500 damage using gadgets.
  3. Score 50 kills and assists using LMGs or marksman rifles.

Tips for this Week's Challenges

We can keep it short and sweet this week:

  1. Use a Support Specialist, stay near the fight, and keeping healing.
  2. We think you should use the FXM-33 AA Missile and focus on chipping away at enemy aircraft to complete this challenge.
  3. For this one we suggest using an Assault Specialist and the best LMG.

So you can relax, you don't need to do anything crazy to complete the challenge…

Where do you find the Weekly Challenges in Battlefield 2042?

It can be a little confusing finding the challenges each week, but don't worry, we got you. Here's how to find the weekly challenged in Battlefield 2042:

  1. From the main menu, select the option on the left, “All Out Warfare”.
  2. Select one of the game modes in the “All Out Warfare” menu.
  3. On the right, beneath your playercard, you will see that week's challenge:
Weekly Challenges how to find
Unfortunately, you've missed the PP-29 week! | © EA

When are the Weekly Challenges updated?

The weekly Battlefield 2042 challenges are update every Thursday at 07:00 ET (12:00 GMT, 13:00 CET), give or take a couple of hours. But you can expect a new challenge every week, unless they've cancelled the scheme. We will of course update you if you this happens. There's a chance they will change the current weekly challenge when Season 1 begins.