Overwatch 2: Crossplay and Cross-Progression - What You Need To Know

Overwatch 2 is coming soon, which leads us to a major question: will Overwatch 2 support crossplay? Will we be able to play with our friends on different platforms? We have all the answers for you.

Overwatch 2
Will Overwatch 2 support crossplay from the start? | © Blizzard

Overwatch 2 is will be released in October, which brings up a bunch of questions about the new game. Since the original Overwatch didn't support crossplay for a long time, fans are curious how Blizzard will implement this feature in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Brings Instant Crossplay Support

Long answer short: Yes. Although there might be a lot of fans that are disappointed by the way Blizzard makes crossplay possible.

Fans will be able to play Overwatch 2 with their friends on different platforms. But this is also where the opinions split. Some fans are more than happy to have this feature in Overwatch 2, but the other half is raging about how unfair that will make the game.

Of course, KBM players have an advantage when it comes to aiming, because it is much harder to get that precision with a joystick. That is actually why Blizzard enabled the aim assist for console players in the original version of Overwatch.

Blizzard has now made two pools for console, and for PC players. That means if a console player randomly joins a game, they are most likely going to be put into the console player pool and aim assist will be enabled. However, if there is at least one PC player in the same party as other console players, then they'll be put into the PC player pool and aim assist will be disabled, which means that console players will have a pretty big disadvantage against KBM players, although aim assist has always been a sensitive topic between the two sides.

For the few PC players of you, thinking that playing competitive against console players will get you platinum rank: No it won't, crossplay won't be possible in competitive mode.

Can I transfer my level, skins and collectables to the new Overwatch?

Overwatch 2 does support Cross-Progression between your console and your Battle.net account. That also means, that you can transfer all of your collectables from your Overwatch 1 account to Overwatch 2. Even after that, you'll be able to keep playing Overwatch 1 with the same stats. Regardless of the platform, to play Overwatch 2, you'll need a Battle.net account, as all of your skins, cosmetics and levels are going to be carried by that one account.

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