Apparently Tom Holland has Found his Sugardaddy

In recent interviews, Tom Holland has explained which video game he thinks deserves a film adaptation — Jak and Daxter.

Tom Holland Jak and Daxter
Is this the movie we have all been waiting for? | © Tom Holland via Twitter/Naughty Dog

Tom Holland has had quite a year. He starred in the hugely succesful Spider Man: No Way Home and has another big movie coming out quite soon — Uncharted. So, when asked which video game he wants to turn into a movie, the young film star had only one answer — Jak and Daxter.

Video games being adapted to the big screen are nothing new. HBO is working on a The Last of Us Series, Ghost of Tsushima might be made into a film as well and the above-mentioned Uncharted movie coming soon. So, why exactly did Tom Holland think Jak and Daxter would be a good choice?

Would the Jak and Daxter Movie be Animated?

Tom Holland explained that the movie would not be an animated film, but much like the above-mentioned films and shows, be a live-action flick. Of course, Tom Holland would star as the main character — Jak.

Who would play Daxter? The film star did not reveal who he would choose to be his co-star in this hypothetical filming endeavor. Who would you bet your money on, though?

Which Studio Would Make the Jak and Daxter Film?

The studio that Tom Holland chose for this would be A24. Haven't heard of it? Well, then you're clearly not a lover of Ari Aster and his works like Hereditary and Midsommar.

Holland stated that this would make for a "really weird" version of Jak and Daxter which can bring out the wackiness of the original games. Of course, this is all hypothetical and coming from Tom Holland himself. None of this means that a Jak and Daxter film is in the works.

Would you go out and watch this wacky adventure with Tom Holland at the helm? Or would you rather sit back, watch Arcane for the hundredth time on Netflix instead?