F1 and NASCAR Return to Rocket League & Speed Demon Showdown

rocket league f1 and nascar
Formula 1 and NASCAR are making their return to Rocket League, and they're bringing something special... | © Psyonix

The F1 and NASCAR Fan Packs are back in Rocket League, alongside a new Speed Demon LTM. To celebrate the event, F1 and NASCAR vehicles will battle it out in the Rocket League Speed Demon Showdown. Let's take a look at the return of F1 and NASCAR to Rocket League, the new Speed Demon LTM, and what we can expect from the Rocket League Speed Demon Showdown...

The ghost of Rocket League Season 3 has returned, with the F1 and NASCAR fan packs that were the bane of our existence for far too long. Rocket League Season 3 sucked more than tomato soup, and the NASCAR and F1 fan packs were an utter disgrace, and yet... here they are... rolling their way back into our beloved Rocket League. What's even more extraordinary is that they think we'll get hyped over this. A new limited-time mode? A new Twitch event? Cool. Exciting.

Anyway, I really am going off topic here, going on a bit of a ramble, shooting the... poo? The Speed Demon Showdown is on its way, as is the Rocket League F1 and NASCAR Fan Packs, and a Speed Demon LTM. Jeez, we feel so exhausted and depressed just typing this out. For goodness' sake! This is utter bollocks, I tell you what. Anyway, here are the Rocket League F1 and NASCAR Fan Pack details and release date. Oh, and we have information on the Speed Demon LTM and Showdown!

F1 and NASCAR might be returning to Rocket League, and the Speed Demon Showdown might be gracing our screens, but not all hope is lost. Here's the latest in Rocket League Season 4 news...

F1 and NASCAR Fan Packs Return to Rocket League

The F1 and NASCAR Fan Packs are making a return to Rocket League on Thursday, August 19. We expect that the fan packs will be the same price as they were back when they launched back in Season 3. In other words, pick it up on August 19, for 2000 Rocket League Credits each. Yes, that wasn't a joke. These fan packs literally cost like $20USD each. Each. Do I need to say it again? Each. Here's what's in the F1 and NASCAR Fan Packs, so that you can make an educated decision before you spend that insane amount of money. Seriously. Pure insanity.

Rocket League: What's in the F1 Fan Pack?

  • Formula 1 2021 (car body)
    • Alfa Romeo 2021 Decal
    • AlphaTauri 2021 Decal
    • Alpine 2021 Decal
    • Aston Martin 2021 Decal
    • Ferrari 2021 Decal
    • Haas 2021 Decal
    • McLaren 2021 Decal
    • Mercedes-AMG Petronas 2021 Decal
    • Red Bull 2021 Decal
    • Williams 2021 Decal
  • Pirelli Wheels

Rocket League: What's in the NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack?

Rocket League: NASCAR Ford Mustang:

  • Sticker and player banner "Stewart-Haas Racing #10".
  • Sticker and player banner "Team Penske #22".
  • Sticker and player banner "Roush Fenway Racing #6".

Rocket League: NASCAR Chevrolet Camaro

  • Sticker and player banner "Chip Ganassi Racing # 1"
  • Sticker and player banner "Richard Childress Racing #3"
  • Sticker and player banner "Richard Petty Motorsports #43"
  • Sticker and player banner "Hendrick Motorsports #9"

Rocket League: NASCAR Toyota Camry

  • Sticker and player banner "Joe Gibbs Racing #18"
  • Sticker and player banner "23XI Racing #23"

Rocket League Speed Demon Limited Time Mode

Rocket League is getting a new Speed Demon LTM on Thursday, August 19. We're honestly not entirely sure what this mode is going to be, but we'll find out tomorrow, we suppose. Look: new modes are always a good thing, and they can never be a letdown. They're free, they add a ton of new content to Rocket League, and they are, more often than not, just a whole lot of fun. So yeah, the whole F1 and NASCAR Fan Pack thing a real bummer, but this could be pretty cool. We're certainly looking forward to hearing more about this new Speed Demon LTM in Rocket League!

Rocket League Speed Demon Showdown

The Rocket League Speed Demon Showdown will air on Rocket League's Twitch Channel on August 19. We are not really sure what this even will entail, but it seems to be some kind of an F1 and NASCAR celebration, with the two car-types battling it out for victory. We honestly don't really know how it will work, and how it will celebrate F1 and NASCAR, but that's okay! Let's just wait and see, folks, let's just wait and see...

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