Rocket League: All Items Featured In The Fiesta Latina Bundle

Eager to celebrate Latino and Hispanic Heritage Month in Rocket League? Then log into the game now and grab some free items from the shop!

Fiesta Latina Rocket League
Rocket League: Grab some sweet and free items from the Fiesta Latina Pack! | © Psyonix

After a successful launch of Rocket League Season 8 some time ago, there's yet another good reason to party in the Battle Arena. Psyonix is ​​celebrating Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month and the Independence Days of several Latin American countries with a special event. There are some cool items waiting for you that you can grab for free from the Rocket League Item Shop. If you want to know all the important info, just continue reading!

New Fiesta Latina 2022 Bundle In Rocket League

If you're not that familiar with Latin American (more specifically Brazilian) music, then Psyonix now offers you a little help. The developers feature some of the most iconic musicians in Rocket League – their vibrant sounds are available as Player Anthems in the game. The following items are part of the Fiesta Latina 2022 pack:

We've linked the individual songs (if available on YouTube) so that you can listen to them without booting up Rocket League. But you don't have to keep your browser or another app open in the background all the time. During the Fiesta Latina event, these songs will also be played on the Rocket League Radio.

From September 21st to October 17th, the festival will take place in-game – you can claim the free pack anytime during this period. Of course, the three songs mentioned above are already available on Spotify and other streaming services. In addition, the developers are teasing some other new content.

"El Chapulín Colorado" seems to race in more agile than any turtle. A quick Google search reveals that this used to be a popular Mexican TV series that ran from 1973 to 1979 and parodied superhero shows. Superheroes and Rocket League? Wait, that rings a bell. Ah yes, recently Batman and his Batmobile returned to the arena...