Rocket League Nissan Skyline: Hitbox, Bundle Contents & Details

Nissan skyline rocket league
The Nissan Skyline has finally returned to Rocket League! What are the details? | © Psyonix & Nissan

Psyonix are finally reintroducing the Rocket League Nissan Skyline, and everyone's pretty excited. One of the most beloved vehicles in Rocket League, the Rocket League Nissan Skyline will be reintroduced as part of the recently-announced Fast & Furious content. It's a great addition to Rocket League Season 3, and the Rocket League Nissan Skyline will certainly have fans excited!

The Nissan Skyline has been missing from Rocket League for a while, and was noticeably absent from the recent cross-platform DLC announcement. At the time, if you didn't own it already, you couldn't get it. That being said, the Rocket League Nissan Skyline is one of the most loved cars in Rocket League, and we're all super excited for it to be back in the item store once again... Here are the details!

Before we jump in, however, you should probably catch up on everything Rocket League (or you might be a tad confused!) – here are a few articles to help you get started...

What's in the Rocket League Nissan Skyline Bundle?

  • Nissan Skyline Wheels
  • Nissan Skyline Wheels – Black Painted
  • 2Bold Decal
  • 2Cool Decal
  • 2Tuff Decal
  • Clean Cut Decal
  • Home Stretch Decal
  • The Clutch Decal
  • Reel Life Decal

What is the Rocket League Nissan Skyline Hitbox?

The Rocket League Nissan Skyline features a Hybrid Hitbox, giving it the height and maneuverability to truly dominate in Rocket League. The Hybrid hitbox is the second tallest in Rocket league, with the Rocket League Nissan Skyline sharing the same dimensions as cars like the Endo, Venom and X-Devil. Since the Rocket League Nissan Skyline has a Hybrid Hitbox, you can also expect the same length as a Dominus, and a slightly larger width than a Breakout hitbox.

When is the Nissan Skyline Coming Back to Rocket League?

The Nissan Skyline will be coming back to Rocket League on June 17, along with the two other Fast & Furious Bundles coming in Season 3. We are all pretty hyped for the return of one of Rocket League's most beloved vehicles, and couldn't be happier that this has come to Season 3. The Rocket league Nissan Skyline certainly lifts our spirits regarding Rocket League Season 3 – after a rough start, the latest season is coming together very nicely indeed!

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