Rocket League Player of the Month, October 2022: Evample

Evample is EarlyGame's October Rocket League Player of the Month. But why? Well, read on to find out. Small hint: It has something to do with his outstanding skills in Rocket League.

Well, well, well... what a Rocket League month we have behind us. On the one hand, the RLCS 2022-23 season has started – finally Rocket League Esports again. On the other hand, there was the huge controversy between Psyonix and the freestyle community. The last few weeks have definitely not been boring.

When it comes to our Rocket League Player of the Month pick, there is rarely a way around great achievements in the esports scene – but today there is. We chose a player who doesn't necessarily impress in the RLCS, but rather with his freestyles. Most importantly, he does it against opponents who are not playing Rocket League for the first time. Our October Player of the Month is... Evample!

Who is Evample?

John "Evample" H. is a former Rocket League Pro, Content Creator and Freestyler from Australia currently signed to Pulse. His earnings are comparatively low at $2,494 – but as I said, he's not a real pro player like Atomic, for example.

With his crazy goals, clever plays, and steadfast consistency, he has already taken many organizations to the next level – Weasel Mafia, Canberra Havoc or even Forbidden Gaming. More than anything else, though, he's a content creator at Pulse... he's been doing that since 2018 already.

What Are Evample's Camera Settings?

Camera Settings

Evample's Camera Settings

Camera ShakeOff


Swivel Speed


Transition Speed1.00
Ball CameraToggle

What Are Evample's Controller Settings?

MovesEvample's Control Settings (PC)


Luftrolle (Left/Right)LShift (Q/E)


Ball CameraSpace

Why is Evample our Player of the Month?

Evample is simply a damn good and, above all, consistent Rocket League player who makes other freestylers look pretty nooby. He doesn't show his tricks in silver or bronze lobbies, but against opponents of equal skill, which is of course much more impressive.

Atomic has often put his skills and tricks to the test, especially while freestyling his way to Champion or Supersonic Legend ranks. It's best to check him out on YouTube if you're looking for great gameplay and some chill vibes.

Do you think our choice is justified, or would you have seen another Rocket League player come out on top? Well, here at EarlyGame you won't automatically become a pro, but we're always happy to help you, be it with hitboxes, the confusing ranking system in Rocket League or just the daily item shop. What more could you want?