Valorant Player of the Month, October 2022: Bob

The "Player of the Month" series serves to meet and learn more about great Valorant pro players, streamers, etc. Here we'll take a closer look at Bob "Bob" Tran who currently plays for Cloud9 White!

Valorant Player of the Month Cloud9 White Bob
C9 White Bob is our player of the month! | © Twitter @Cloud9

Cloud9 White is one of the best Valorant female pro teams you can find on the esports scene. They've absolutely dominated the VCT NA Game Changers in October, and one player to thank for that is C9 White Bob, our pick for player of the month! So here we'll see Cloud9 White Bob's career and path to becoming our pick for October's 2022 player of the month.

Bob's Valorant Pro Career

Bob first started their Valorant career in EXO Clan way back in 2020. In Bob's stay in EXO Clan, they've managed to win 1st place in some B-Tier and C-Tier tournaments. Afterward in 2021, Bob joined the Soniqs team, formerly known as Susquehanna Soniqs. While playing with Susquehanna Soniqs, Bob managed to win some tournaments here and there with them.

Then in July of 2022, C9 White Annie became an inactive player to pursue streaming. So C9 White signed Bob in her place to compete in the upcoming events. Mind you, C9 White is a really strong team, having won 6 times VCT NA Game Changers, so Bob had to show some skills to compete in those ranks.

As you can see, Bob had the skills and managed to win VCT NA Game Changers 2022 with Cloud9 White! The interesting part is that in such a short time, Bob got acquainted with C9 White to play on such a high skill level and win while playing with the best knife skins. But this begs the question: why would Bob specifically be our pick for Player of the Month?

Why is Bob our Player of the Month?

We discussed the first reason why Bob is our pick, and that's because of how fast Bob built team chemistry with C9 White to win VCT NA Game Changers. Thereafter, Bob mainly plays Initiator agents which are already hard enough in the current meta. Yet Bob has hit astronomical K/D ratios in matches, often going as high as 4!

And that's it for our pick for Valorant's Player of the Month for October 2022. What do you think about our pick, would you have picked another player? Make sure you visit our Discord server and let us know!

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