How To Fix The Stuck On Loading Screen Error In Apex Legends

So you're staring at the Apex Legends loading screen, and it doesn't seem to be loading at all? Yeah, this error comes up quite a bit. Here's how to fix it.

Stuck On Loading Screen Error Apex Legends
You don't need to be as smart as Horizon to fix this one. | © EA

Apex Legends has some great content coming up. But how can you enjoy all that content if you can't even get into the damn game? Yep, this is easily one of the most annoying bugs in all of Apex Legends, because it just leaves you stuck staring at the loading screen without any obvious way to resolve it. But we're on the case! Here's a quick overview of what causes this error and then a guide on how to fix it.

What Causes You To Be Stuck On The Loading Screen?

When you're stuck on the loading screen of Apex Legends, it's because the game files are corrupted, or have failed to install properly, and the game cannot correctly load. Pretty simple, and because it's "our fault" and not a server-side issue, we can resolve the error by doing a few things on our own. To be honest, with the prices in the store these days, you'd hope that we never get server-side issues.

How Can You Fix Infinite Loading In Apex Legends?

We can try to re-open Apex Legends, and sometimes it will simply load as normal, but if this doesn't work, then we need to check for updates, and then re-install the game. Try to follow the steps in this order so that you can save yourself time:

  1. Close Apex Legends, and then re-open it. But, don't simply return to the dashboard/desktop, make sure that the application is fully-closed.
    1. On Xbox and PlayStation, this means pressing Start/Options while highlighting the app on the dashboard and selecting "Close Application".
    2. On PC, you can run the task manager (Control+Alt+Delete) and manually close Apex Legends from there.
  2. If the game is still not loading, then check you have the latest version installed.
    1. On Xbox and PlayStation, this means pressing Start/Options while highlighting the app on the dashboard and selecting "Check For Updates".
    2. On PC, you can right-click on the game in the Origin client and select "Update" (unless it's greyed-out, meaning you already have the latest version). If you're running the game from Steam, then right-click on the game in your library, bring up the "Update Setting" and select "Automatically Update".
  3. If nothing has worked so far, you unfortunately need to completely re-install the game by deleting it and then re-downloading it on your console/PC.

Hopefully you can make it work before getting to that final stage, but if not, then after a reinstallation, you will definitely be good to go.

That's all there is to say about this error, we're sorry it happened to you, but we hope that you're able to get it fixed. And when you can get online again to join us, who are you going to be playing? Perhaps Gibraltar? Maybe classic Bloodhound?