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Fifa esports
Which Country Has The Best FIFA Esports Scene?

If you don't say Germany, you're weird

FIFA Points FIFA 22 pay to win Packs Fut draft coins münzen
Do You Regularly Buy FIFA Packs?
We've all been there.
Fifa 22
Do You Think FIFA Should Remove More Controversial Players/Clubs From Their Game?

Controversial topic ahead.

Fifa 21
Are You Still Playing FIFA 21 Every Now And Then?

I do... because I don't own 22 lol.

Are You Ready For FIFA 23?

FIFA 22? Don't know her.

3 Paris Saint Germain Ligue 1 160 Millionen
Which Underdog National Team Do You Like To Play In FIFA?

Which one?

FIFA 22 Premier League TOTS Vote
Which TOTS Are You Most Excited For?

Bundesliga all the way

Hugo Lloris Tottenham FIFA 21
Which Premier League Club do you prefer in FIFA 22?


Fifa 22
Do You Like What EA Is Currently Doing With FIFA 22?

I don't think I have to explain what I mean, right?

Fifa stadium
Which Stadium Is Your Favorite To Play In?
Any preferences?
Ac mailand trikot
Do You Usually Pick Home or Away Jerseys in FIFA?
What do you prefer?