Apex Legends New Ground-Loot Item: Mobile Banner Recovery Tool

A new ground-loot item has been leaked that will allow players to remotely recover their teammates banners, in the same way that Crypto currently can. Here's an overview of the item and a probable release date.
Mobile banner recovery tool
There goes the only reason to ever pick Crypto... | © EA / Twitter via @Thordansmash

Poor old Cyrpto has one of the worst pick-rates in Apex Legends. He just isn't very good. But one of the few reasons you might still choose to play him is for his unique ability to recover your teammates banners. Crypto can save his mates without needing to get near the danger, and that's awesome. But the problem for Crypto? This ability won't be unique for much longer...

New Item For "Remote Banner Recover" Leaks Online

As reported by an Apex leaker who goes by the name Thordansmash, a new ground-loot item has been discovered that allows players to recover their fallen teammates banners remotely. The images of the item that he shared appear to show this new device fully in-tact and working in-game. So, this isn't just a leak copy of Respawn's conceptual work, this is an idea they've actually produced in Apex Legends... only it doesn't exist in the current version of Apex that the public are playing yet. Here's what the device looks like in the developmental build of Apex Legends:

As you can see, it's going to compete with the Mobile Respawn Beacon and Heat Sink for that precious emergency equipment slot. But compared to those last two items, it might honestly see more play. This could be especially useful for the new (and notoriously punishing) ranked mode because it's now so important to stay alive to earn RP.

We'll update you as soon as we hear more about this strange new device. Currently, we're expecting it to be released alongside the new season later this summer. Until then, you've got just enough time to grind the Battle Pass and earn that ridiculously cool Bloodhound skin. Good luck!