Apex Legends Mobile | Best Controller Settings

A lot of Apex Legends Mobile players are coming over from the original game, and using controllers. Here are the best settings to use with a controller.
Apex mobile best settings for controller
We know the resolution isn't like the OG, but let's not forget it is a mobile game. | © EA

First thing's first, get your controller connected to Apex Legends Mobile. That's the easy part. Now you want to optimize settings for the controller.

The Apex Legends Mobile devs have done a fantastic job at simplifying the game to work for touch screen controls. But on controller you want to undo a lot of these changes. So in this article we're going to show you how to get the game to feel as close to possible as the console or PC version of Apex.

Best Settings For A Controller In Apex Legends Mobile

There are so many settings and controls that we can change in Apex Legends Mobile, but most of them will depend on your personal preference. And when we're making adjustments for playing with a controller only a few of the settings are actually relevant. Therefore, we're only going to mention settings that you need to change from the default. If we haven't mentioned one of the options, leave it as the default (or change to your preference).

Settings: Basic

Up at the top of the "Basic" page switch from Lite to Advanced setup. Now you want to turn off all the shooting mechanics they've brought in to make it easier to play with a touchscreen.

We have access to two thumb sticks and a good right-trigger, so we don't need any of these features. We'll turn them all off and switch the aim-down-sight controls back to normal (hold).


Best Setting For Controller

Lite Setup / Advanced SetupAdvanced Setup
Left Fire Button Off
One-tap ADS and Fire Off
Bolt-Action Sniper ModeTap to fire
Semi-Auto Shotgun Mode Tap to fire
ADS ModeHold
ADS Button Rotates Camera Off
IMG 0155
Tap ADS in particular is annoying default to play with on controller. | © EA

Settings: Gameplay


These settings let us choose how much of the new "easy movement" system we want to use. As we're on controller we'll turn all of this off to go for classic movement.

OptionBest Setting For Controller
Joystick triggers Auto-RunOff
Crouching ControlsTap
Slide Jump ControlClassic
Use the Crouch Button to rotate the cameraOff
Use the Jump button to rotate the camera Off
Climbing Control ModeClassic
Climbing PromptOff
IMG 0156
Easy slide-jumping might be preferable if you haven't mastered sliding on controller. | © EA

Battlefield Info

These settings decide how much info you want about the fight you're in and the world around you. With a controller our HUD won't be as clustered as it will for Mobile players, so we suggest you choose to go with more intel on the screen.

OptionBest Setting For Controller
Damage numbers display modeBoth
Battle Info Follow Crosshair
Damage CrosshairCrosshair with Shield Indicator
Incoming Damage Feedback3D Icon
IMG 0159
We use the shield indicator so we know when we're good to push. | © EA

Settings: Controller


The final setting we need to change is under "Controller", in the "Basic" tab. This will be familiar to all long-term controller gamers, we're reducing the minimum input deadzone for the sticks. This will allow us to make micro-adjustments more accurately.

OptionBest Setting For Controller
Joystick deadzone

0.04 (but adjust this to be higher if you're getting stick drift)

IMG 0160
Minimum input deadzone needs to go way down. | © EA

And that about does it for everything you should change to get the best experience out of Apex Legends Mobile with a controller. If you're still looking for tips, check out our tier list of all the Legends.