Apex Legends: Valkyrie Guide | Abilities, Composition, Counters & More

Valkyrie is one of the best Legends in Apex. In our guide, we'll go over who she is, how her abilities work, and everything you need to know to use her effectively.

Valkyrie is one of the most popular Legends in the entire game. Frankly, she's broken. Hence, she's a must-pick in the ALGS (pro league). And while she was recently nerfed, it basically did nothing to diminish her power.

So first thing's first, go and unlock Valk if you haven't already. Okay, now let's get into some tips for how to use her.

Who Is Valkyrie?

Kairi Imahara, to use her actual name, is the daughter of a pilot. She idolized her father, but when she was young, he went on a fatal mission, and since then, she's been looking for the man who put him in harm's way, his commander: Blisk.

In her early adult years Valk was always up to no good. Smuggling goods by day and drinking in dive bars all night. But the whole time, she never forgot her father, and swore to avenge him one day.

She tracked Blisk down and almost got the chance to kill him, but he persuaded her that he regretted her father's death. So instead of killing Blisk, she just shot him in the leg and stole the Apex Games card he was holding. Now she plays in the games, and has fallen in love with Loba.

How Good Is Valkyrie?

Valkyrie is perhaps the best Legend in Apex Legends. She's up there in the "unquestionably S-Tier" conversation alongside Bloodhound.





She might not be one of the best beginner Legends, but she's not that difficult. Moderately skilled players should have no issues using her.

Viability for Battle Royale

6/5Obnoxiously strong. Honestly, the Ult is kind of a joke in a BR.
Viability for Arenas2/5Valkyrie is clearly built for the Battle Royale, not for Arenas. She isn't bad in Arena's, her tactical is in fact very good for this environment, but she's more like a B-tier Legend rather than S here.

What Abilities Does Valkyrie Have?

Tactical: Missile Swarm

  • Charge: 30 Seconds
  • Effects:
    • Launches 12 missiles in a 4x3 array, which deal damage and stun enemies.
    • Minimum target distance is 12 meters, and you cannot use it if there's a structure directly above Valkyrie.

Passive: VTOL Jets

  • Charge: Jetpack refuels in 10 seconds, but does not begin refueling until 8 seconds have passed since the last use. So effectively, it takes 18 seconds to charge.
  • Effects: Double jump to engage a jetpack which can be used for 7 seconds.
  • Bonus: Valk also gets the ability to see enemy squads while skydiving or using her Ult. Enemies are highlighted in green for you and your team. Kill Leaders will be marked with a "K" and Champion squads will be marked with a "C".

Set your controls for the jets to hold rather than toggle, it allows you to make more precise adjustments.


  • Charge: 3 Minutes
  • Effects:
    • Jump 135 m into the air, and then skydive down to wherever you want.
    • Teammates can come with you, they just need to hold your hand during takeoff.

How Should You Play With Valkyrie?

Valkyrie's General Playstyle

Valkyrie offers a blend of intel and mobility with her skills. While her tactical deals damage, you should think of it more as a distraction device than anything else. Don't mistake this part of her toolkit as an openly aggressive option.

With the type of utility Valk brings, we therefore want to avoid being the first through the door while pushing other teams. But she shouldn't be way behind at the back either. Instead, use Valkyrie's mobility to hit those long routes for your team; make the wide flanks and put the enemy at a disadvantage. You will always have the mobility to get out of trouble if you need to, so splitting away from your team is less risky than it is for other Legends.

Importantly, Valkyrie can offer constant harassment. Because her jetpack and her Ult can always allow her to quickly get back to cover, you can keep poking out of safety and annoy enemy squads. So do just that, don't let them reset, don't let them revive, just keep flying back, and keep putting the shots in.

And please, please, please: avoid fighting indoors. She can fly, so stay outside, and use rooftop plays. You lose all her utility as soon as you step indoors.

Valkyrie's Role Within The Team

Because Valkyrie is going to be flying around and will often be separated from the team, she isn't appropriate for an in-game leader. She's going to offer the squad unparalleled utility, but when the fight starts, she should look for openings to reposition to, even if that means leaving the squad. Effectively, she's your lone wolf within the squad, so give her the freedom to play that way.

The Best Weapons & Equipment For Valkyrie

There's no single piece of equipment that Valkyrie needs more than other members of the team, besides Ult Accelerant. Valkyrie's Ult is just so clutch that the team should let her take the accelerants.

In terms of weapons, you have the ability to pounce on people very quickly with Valkyrie, so we think a Peacekeeper can be ideal, but for the other slot, you should play it safe and go with an easy, mid-range weapon.

SecondaryFlatline, R-301, Rampage, Spitfire

Which Are The Best Legends To Play With Valkyrie?

Here are some of the best Legends to pair with Valkyrie,

  • Gibraltar
  • Bloodhound
  • Ash
  • Rampart
  • Newcastle or Lifeline

Valkyrie is already bringing so much mobility that you don't need to worry about bringing anymore. She's best coupled with an aggressive leader, and a support Legend like Lifeline or Newcastle. If you want the best game for voice lines and lore development, take Bangalore and Loba, and then you've got the complete love-triangle.

How Should You Counter A Valkyrie?

Here are some general tips to countering Valkyrie:

  • Get inside, and bait the Valkyrie to join you. They're useless inside buildings, so if they're getting thirsty, they might just make this mistake and follow you in.
  • When a Valkyrie is about to take off or has just landed they can't do anything. Focus fire them in these moments to capitalize on their vulnerability.
  • Pray to the Allfather that she gets the nerf she deserves.

How Popular Is Valkyrie?

Valkyrie is a top Legend at all levels of play, but she does have greater popularity in the higher ranks:

RankPick Rate
All Ranks7.1% (6th most popular)



After reading this guide, you shouldn't be surprised by her high pick rate.

Okay gang, that about does it for Valkyrie. But if you try her out, and she's just not for you, why not give another S-Tier Legend a go: