Dr Disrespect Has a Huge Issue with Battlefield 2042

Dr Disrespect Battlefield 2042
Dr Disrespect has a problem with Battlefield 2042. | © Dr Disrespect/DICE

Dr Disrespect is a part of the general public that is absolutely hyped for the upcoming DICE release - Battlefield 2042. The popular YouTuber does have one serious concern about the new shooter though. What's he so worried about?

Doc is always a vocal critic, and hearing slight remarks coming out of him isn't anything new. In this case, his own concern may be a concern for many, as he found one glaring issue with Battlefield 2042.

What Does Dr Disrespect Dislike About Battlefield 2042?

Dr Disrespect finds the Battlefield 2042 graphics to be lacking. If you've followed reactions to the pre-alpha trailer that Doc was commenting on, you might be a bit surprised. In fact, you would be surprised if you've followed the BF franchise in general. Graphics is usually one of the strongest points of these games.

However, within the first 10 seconds of the trailer, Doc was already grinning in mild disgust. Not at the gameplay itself, but at the presentation. You can see his reacton at 26:30.

"Is this on Xbox?", he asked himself in disbelief, before assuming it is and proceeding to say that he's seen better graphics on the Xbox 360. That's a bold claim considering the considerable hype for Battlefield V's successor.

Bold is Dr Disrespect's middle name after all, but to be fair, he did not just thrash the whole trailer or Battlefield 2042 as a whole. The Doctor's attitude after seeing this is keeping his expectations lower, so he can eventually be pleasantly surprised.

That's as close to getting Doc hyped, so if he still remains positive, then Battlefield 2042 should come up just fine.

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