New Warzone 2 Map Set In Unusual Location...

A new Warzone map has been discovered in the game files by dataminers. The map will be called Vondel, and we already know where it will be set.

Netherlands Warzone Map
The new Warzone map will be set in the Netherlands, which already appeared in Modern Warfare II via the Amsterdam Red Light District mission. | © Activision

Warzone Season 3 has just been released, and besides all the exciting new content and balancing changes we can enjoy now, dataminers have also found future content in the most recent patch. Most excitingly, they've found references to a brand-new Warzone map, but it's set in quite a surprising location...

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Dataminers Find New Warzone 2 Map "Vondel"

According to CharlieIntel, a new Resurgence-sized Warzone map has been discovered by dataminers, and it will be set in the Netherlands:

Data miners have found references to a new Warzone 2 Resurgence map called Vondel in the game files after today's update. The map is set in Netherlands.

So far we don't have any official info, or a release date. We reached out to Activision for comment, but so far we're yet to receive an answer. We'll update you as soon as we hear anything else regarding the new Vondel map.

Do you like the sound of a map set in the Netherlands? Or, would you rather they went to a more natural location?

We're hoping for more city locations in CoD 2023:

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