New Warzone BR Map Urzikstan: Release Date, Size & More

Here you can find all information you need to know about the new Warzone map, including its release date. So if you're interested in the next Battle Royale map coming to Call of Duty, keep reading.

Urzikstan New Warzone Map
New Warzone Map: Urzikstan | © Activision

The biggest form of new content we get in Warzone is the new BR map each year. We get one of these maps with every mainline game, and we think we now know what the big map coming with MW3 will be.

In this article, you can check out all the info we've found about the next Warzone map. Check back regularly if you don't want to miss anything.

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Next Warzone Map: Current Rumors Suggest Urzikstan Location

We can say with 100% certainty that we are getting a new Battle Royale-sized map one month after the release of Modern Warfare 3, when MW3 Season 1 begins. We also have heard a leak concerning the location of that map. Apparently the new Warzone map coming in MW3 Season 1 will be set in Urzikstan. This is a fictional country in Call of Duty.

Here is the leak:

Alaix, the leaker, has been correct about almost all of their claims so far this year, so we trust the info (they recently leaked the MW3 Zombies beta).

New Warzone Map: Urzikstan | Release Date

We think the new Warzone map set in Urzikstan will be released on Wednesday, December 13 at 9 am PT (12 pm ET / 5 pm GMT / 6 pm CET). This is when Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 is expected to begin, and we usually get the new big map each year with the first season of the new game.

There is a small chance they launch Season 1 exactly one week early, but that's the only alternative to this data and time that we can imagine.

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New Warzone Map: Urzikstan | Known Details

The fictional country of Urzikstan is located where Georgia is in real life, east of the Black Sea and just south of Russia. However, the creatives behind the Call of Duty story have been very liberal with their portrayal of Urzikstan; sometimes it really does feel like a country neighboring Russia, but in a lot of missions they're clearly using Urzikstan as an analogue for Syria. They use it for whatever they need at the time.

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So, even though we have seen Urzikstan portrayed in Call of Duty in the past, we can't use those portrayals to exactly predict what the new Warzone map will look like. We can only really say that it will look like a place that it exists somewhere between Damascus and Moscow. Sorry we can't narrow it down further.

Some have speculated that this clip from the MW3 reveal event is the new Warzone map:

It could be Urzikstan, although we really don't have anything to corroborate it.

This is all the current info we have about the next Warzone map. We hope you found it helpful.

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