Euphoria Season 3: Release Prediction, Cast, Rumors And News

Euphoria, one of HBO's most successful shows, has been renewed for a season 3. When can we expect the high school drama to release, which stars will make their return, and how will the show continue?

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I hope Maddy gets some petty revenge in Euphoria season 3 | © HBO

Euphoria season 3 was confirmed before the second season even concluded, leaving fans with but one question. How and when is the elaborate high school show with more dramatic plot lines than Desperate Housewives and more drugged up teenagers than Woodstock going to continue.

Euphoria Season 3 Release Date Prediction

While the continuation of Rue & Friends has been confirmed as soon as February 2022, they haven't revealed an exact date yet.

According to Collider, filming is supposed to start as soon as February 2023 making a release the very same year rather unlikely.

This seems even more likely, as Donni Davy, the head of the makeup department, reported in an interview, that every episode takes a month to shoot. Adding post-production, this all but confirms a release in 2024.

Who Will Be Returning For The Euphoria Season 3 Cast?

As for who is going to return for season 3, this is where things get interesting, as apparently not only the show was full of drama.

Zendaya 5

During filming for the second season of Euphoria, crator Sam Levinson and star Barbie Ferreira (Kat), were having creative differences, leading to the departure of the actress from the show.

For the returning cast, we are expecting:

  • Zendaya as Rue
  • Hunter Schafer as Jules
  • Jacob Elordi as Nate
  • Alexa Demie as Maddy
  • Algee Smith as Chris
  • Sydney Sweeney as Cassie
  • Maude Apatow as Lexi
  • Storm Reid as Gia
  • Nika King as Leslie
  • Austin Abrams as Ethan
  • Colman Domingo as Ali
  • Dominic Fike as Elliot
  • Eric Danes as Cal

Even though there were rumors about Zendaya's role in season 3, those were recently voided, as Cassey Bloys recently confirmed in an interview with TVLine: "she's going to be in season three – it's hard to imagine doing [the] show without her".

We're pretty sure we can expect the return of Angus Cloud's "Fez" as, following the Fezco-related cliffhanger at the end of season 2, there is
just no way they're not going to follow up on this story.

He is probably only going to show up when other characters like Lexi visit him in prison, but I can't imagine them just sidelining one of the major characters with a good storyline to continue.

How Will The Story Continue

As for how Euphoria might continue, there are a bunch of things this season can tackle.

First off, we obviously gotta continue Nate's story, now that he has to deal with the repercussions of sending his father to prison. Then there's Cassie and Maddy, who had their big falling out and might have a chance at becoming friends again (that's a BIG might, I know).

Cassie either way has some big character development to do, as the second season left her as one of the most unlikable characters the show has produced.


Then there's Jules. Clearly, she's keen to make up with Rue, but given the season 2 finale, it doesn't look like Rue is ready to forgive her any time soon.

A crazy possible plot line, some eagle-eyed fans pointed out, could be the mystery of Nate's secret third brother, who appeared in a family portrait in the background across both seasons. If that's not the kind of messed up thing this show thrives on, what is?

Don't get your hopes too high for more high school drama, though, as Zendaya opened up about a possible time jump in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:"I think it'll be exciting to explore the characters out of high school," she said. "I want to see what Rue looks like in her sobriety journey, how chaotic that might look."

This might take the show in a totally different direction, away from your "typical" high school drama. So far this is mostly speculation, though, so we will have to wait for further information before we can say things for certain.

So far, this sounds pretty exciting, though!

If you're into Marvel as well and want to bridge the gap until Euphoria season 3, this video is for you:

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