Moonfall 2: Will The Roland Emmerich Movie Get A Sequel?

"Moonfall" went on cinemas in early 2022. A Moonfall 2 is not in sight yet, although the movies ending clearly indicates a sequel. So, having the plot revolve around the moon being knocked out of orbit, threatening to crush earth, will we see a Moonfall 2? Let's find out.

Moonfall 2 has not been announced yet. | © Leonine Distribution

Roland Emmerich is well known for his apocalypse movies, like Independence Day or The Day After Tomorrow. In 2022 on February 4th, his new movie Moonfall hit theaters.

The plot of the movie revolves around the moon getting knocked out of its orbit and threatening to crash into earth. So two astronauts, played by Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson, have to join up with a conspiracy theorist to stop this. Why a conspiracy theorist, you ask? Dunno, maybe because being a conspiracy theorist was popular that year, or something. Spoilers ahead!

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During their journey, our protagonists find something beyond their wildest imaginations! The moon is some kind of megastructure that was built by our ancestors to inhabit foreign worlds. At the end of the movie, the A.I., controlling the whole thing ends the movie with the words "let's get started". Get what started?

Many movies are getting sequels these days, and Moonfall's ending is set to hype viewers up for a continuation of the story.

Moonfall 2 Rather Unlikely

I hate to break it to you, but I wouldn't bet on it. Even though Emmerich himself initially envisioned a trilogy, the movie bombed at the box office, making Lionsgate approving a sequel unlikely. This reminds us a bit of the fate of Independence Day 3, which was planned by Roland Emmerich, but never realized after Independence Day: Resurgence flopped in cinemas. Though he left the door open for a sequel just like he did in Moonfall.

But who knows, maybe Emmerich is convincing enough to realize his vision of a Moonfall trilogy any day. With the movie coming to streaming services and getting more available to the public, this might as well lead to growing interest in a sequel. If it seems profitable, I'm sure Lionsgate will at least consider it.