Toxic Gamer Henry Cavill? Actor Accused By The Witcher Staff Member

A couple of days ago, a TwitLonger surfaced on Twitter calling Henry Cavill a misogynist gamer that was impossible to work with during the production of The Witcher. Let's dive in!

Thumbnai Henry The Gaming Chad
This is a face that screams evil gamer! | © Netflix, Henry Cavill via Instagram

Henry Cavill has got to be one of the most beloved actors right now. His nerdy personality, combined with his absolute Gigachad look is just a lethal combination. This was especially true with his portrayal of Geralt of Rivia in Netflix's The Witcher adaptation.

His love of the source material really clicked with fans, because... well, they obviously love it as well.

But now, a text has surfaced on Twitter trying to paint a picture of Henry Cavill, as a toxic, misogynist gamer, that made it impossible to work with.

Henry Cavill Accused Of Being Video Game Addict That Hates Women

The text starts with the biggest "trust me bro" source I have ever seen. Apparently, the person who wrote this text just got some random message and was like "sure, tell me what happened" and didn't question it in the slightest.

Henry Cavill Slander Text
This is a hilarious read

In the text, Henry gets called out for misogynistic behavior, creating a toxic environment and blaming all of that on "the gamer world".

Apparently, Henry would try to overrule the showrunner, implying that it was due to her being a woman, make changes to scenes without any informing people and, worst of all, he refused to do shirtless scenes!

The writer of this, attributed all of these negative tendencies to Henry being a gaming addict and even compared it to working with other addicts.

Happy Geralt The Witcher 3
Geralt approves | © CD Project Red

The hate against gamers continues, as the author says, "a lot of people think that the misogyny came from gamer world. Video game bro language is not how you talk to coworkers".

The term "video game bro language" is something I haven't heard yet, but attributing misogyny to a gaming background is kinda toxic in and of itself.

This just reinforces the claims by former writer Beau DeMayo, that "some writers actively disliked the books and games". Guess they just hated gamers overall.

So far, Cavill hasn't responded to this, and I doubt he will, as nobody seems to take this text seriously, but it is still pretty wild to see that somebody actually published sh*t like that.