First Weekend League In EA FC 24: FUT Champs Release Date Estimation

Are you looking forward to the first Weekend League in EA FC 24? By analyzing the release dates of FUT Champs from past FIFA editions, we've predicted when you can expect the first WL in the new FIFA 24.

EA FC 24 First Weekend League FIFA 24 FUT Champs Release Date
EA FC 24 FUT Champs: Release date and start time of the first Weekend League in the new FIFA 24. | © EarlyGame/EA Sports

EA Sports FC 24 has been available in Early Access since September 22 with the Ultimate Edition. The Standard Edition will be released on September 29. The grind begins again in Ultimate Team, and everyone will be on the hunt for the best players – and rewards.

To secure your spot in FUT Champs and the Finals, you'll need to accumulate 1250 Qualification Points in Division Rivals. After climbing the ranks and proving your prowess, you'll be challenged with a total of 30 matches. You can unlock exclusive packs, elite players, and bountiful coins by diving into the ultimate test of skill: the Weekend League.

EA Sports FC 24: First Weekend League In The New FIFA 24

After grinding in Squad Battles during the week and qualifying in the Champions Playoffs, you can enter the FUT Champs Finals and try to get as many wins as possible.

EA has not yet released anything official about the new WL in EA FC 24, but looking at the last years and seasons, we can already predict a start date and time for the new FIFA 24. Here we go!

FUT Champs Release Date & Start Time In EA FC 24

If EA doesn't change the expected schedule too much, the FUT Champs Qualification will start on Friday at 8am BST/ 3am ET / 12am PT and will end on Monday (8am BST/ 3am ET / 12am PT). This gives you a total of three days to complete your 30 games.

Take a look at our list of last year's FUT Champs start dates to get an idea of when the first Weekend League in EA FC 24 could start.

FIFA 21 | October 6October 17
FIFA 22 | September 27October 8
FIFA 23 | September 27October 7
EA FC 24 | September 22October 6

We are expecting the first Weekend League on October 6 as the Standard Edition will be released on Friday, September 29. The first Friday after this release is October 6.

As soon as EA announces an official WL start date for EA FC 24, you will find it here.