Don't Be Sweaty: 5 Tips How You Can Enjoy FUT

You were let on the FUT pitch in FIFA 22 around Christmas and now there are only sweaty players who destroy you? We got your back and a few tips on how to have fun in Ultimate Team anyway.
FIFA 22 FUT einstieg
We tell you what to do | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

Santa brought FIFA 22 on Christmas for you but now you get smashed in Ultimate Team? Everyone has better teams and is destroying you? We have already told you how you can get a strong Ultimate Team if you joined late in winter.

But now, we're going to deep dive into the FUT frustration and provide you with valuable tips on how to keep your controller safe, protect your nerves and avoid having to turn off the console angrily.

This is how FIFA Ultimate Team is fun!

5 Ways To Enjoy FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

We all know the drill: third defeat in a row because some bug costs you the lead again. Instead of having fun and enjoying the game, you turn off your console in frustration – after you have broken your controller into all its individual parts because you just smashed it into the wall.

We tell you how to have fun in Ultimate Team for the rest of FIFA year.

1. Set A Season Goal for Yourself

Just something personal. Reaching Rank I at least three times in the new Weekend League system at the end of the season? Or what about at the end of the year, you got yourself a squad only made up of players from your favorite club?

Be creative and think of something that will keep you going longer. That's how FUT is a lot more fun than simply grinding for rewards.

2. Don't Buy FUT Points

"What, but I'm so late and I can only catch up with the others with real money."

Cry somewhere else, please. Of course, you're too late for day 1 trading. But you don't have to invest huge sums of money in FIFA to have fun in Ultimate Team, I promise. We already told you how you can get lots of coins without FIFA Points. And the frustration is definitely less if you don't go down with a € 500 team on a regular basis. Believe us.

3. Mix Meta and Favorites

Sure, the meta-players are always extremely important because they're the best in the game. Who would leave Kylian Mbappé, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo out in FIFA just because you might not like them personally? Almost unthinkable...

But that is exactly our tip. Don't be afraid to set up meta-players, especially if you happen to get them. However, you don't have to sell your house and yard to get the best FUT Hero. Instead, get players you like, with whom you have a connection and in whom you continue to believe, even if you suffer multiple defeats in a row.

4. Take a Break

Sounds obvious but can be a game changer. It just doesn't work out? You miss every chance at the front and get one lame goal after the other?

Do not force anything, even professionals have a form of the day.
Sometimes everything is great and sometimes it's not. And even if you get 3 wins in a row in the WL: A break at the right time ensures more concentration during the restart.

5. Play Because You Want To Have Fun

I know, I know: If you lose all the time and just can't score one single goal then FIFA is not fun. But focus on yourself. You are not an esportsman. You are not a paid professional. You play FIFA in your free time and FUT to be on the hunt for your dream team.

If it doesn't work, then wipe your tears away and try to do better in FIFA 23. Being sweaty occasionally can be fun sometimes – but in the long run, it will only get on your nerves. Never let yourself get depressed and stay relaxed. Nobody saw your embarrassing and stupid own goal that cost you the win in the 90th minute.

These were our 5 tips and ways on how you can have fun in FUT – even without being the king in the Weekend League every other weekend.