FNCS Season 3 Winners: The New Top Solo Players

'E11 TaySon' wins FNCS Europe while Coop takes the crown in NA East. (Image credit: Epic Games)

A return to Solos in Season 3 of the FNCS saw $5 million spread across all regions of the Fortnite competitive scene. Players battled to claim this season’s Solo title and a sizable payout for each region's top ten-point scorers. Let's see who are the new top players and which pros fell short?

'E11 TaySon' Dominates FNCS Europe With Big Names Missing Completely

Fncs season 3 europe
Top Ten EU Players (Image credit: Epic Games)

TaySon took down the Europe grand finals of FNCS and is $80,000 richer for his efforts. TaySon dominated the games and ended with an 11-point lead. As a distant second place went to GO Decyptons who added $55,000 to their bank account. AyarBaffo, snuck into third place with 47 points who was then tied with BL Hen but a victory in the last match secured his third-place position and a cool $45K. Some big names were missing from the top ten as the Euro Pros: Mongraal (16th), MrSavage (57th), and Benjyfishy (59th) placed fairly low this year.

Big Upsets in NA East: Bugha Comes 4th But Coop Takes the Crown!

Na East Standings
Top Ten NAE Players

OA Coop took first place in the NA EAST FNCS with an average of 9.8 points per match and is awarded $50,000. He had a high kill count in each game securing his win and showing us that you don't need to take first every round to win it all. However, his performance was still good enough to outclass the 2019 Solos Champ. Bugha who took home fourth place and $25k but not the title of champion.

Too Close to Call: verT Narrowly Wins NA West!

NAW Standings
Top Ten NAW Players (Image credit: Epic Games)

With the smallest prize pool of the top three regions, verT converts his 2-point victory to win a cool $20,000 and first place. VerT edged out 100T Arkhram who took second place and a meager $13,000.

FNCS S3 Logo
FNCS Season 3 Logo (Image credit: Epic Games)

It begs the question, are Solo Grand Finals not as hyped as a Squad based FNCS?

Solo Finals often receive mixed reactions from the pros and fans in the Fortnite scene as the prize is spread between many players. So, it is hard to get excited over a match with only 20k to 80k on the line. But what Solo Finals do, is let us go back to the basics of core gameplay mechanics and allow for new players to rise to the top and old pros to fall from glory. After all, solo play is at the essence of every Battle Royal game. Only the most mechanically skilled pros and newcomers were able to rise to the top of this year's FNCS Season 3 Solo Finals.

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