Family Guy Is Coming To Fortnite

Epic Games has already brought a wild bunch of "guest stars" to Fortnite. Now there are leaks about a skin that has dataminers absolutely puzzled. Could Peter Griffin be coming to Fortnite soon?

Fortnite Family Guy
Peter Griffin in Fortnite? Really now? | © iTankid via YouTube

Crossovers in Fortnite are no surprise anymore. It doesn't matter from which franchise, Epic always seems to one-up themselves. But now some leaks surfaced that really came out of nowhere. Or did they? Will Peter Griffin be Fortnite's next star?

Family Guy X Fortnite Leaks

A few months ago, while digging through the files that were added with a Street Fighter update, a series of images from Family Guy were leaked showing some of the most famous scenes from the series. For example, there is the big chicken fight or Peter hurting his knee. The data was tied to a back accessory file codenamed "fries," which many believe was a nod to the "Ding fries are done!" Family Guy recurrent joke.

Following this leak, everything suddenly became quiet about the supposed crossover - that's it until more leaks coming from Epic Games themselves surfaced! They accidentally revealed an upcoming Family Guy crossover in their Unreal Engine live stream.

On this picture you cannot only see Family Guy but also Darth Vader, Doom and Indiana Jones. All of the above came during April 2022. Months have passed since then and players are wondering what happened. Lucky for you, Fortnite leaker shiina wants to reassure fans of the franchise:

On Twitter he writes:

Just because it takes a long time for leaked collabs to come to the game, it doesn't mean they are canceled

Since that UE livestream Family Guy and Doom Slayer are CONFIRMED

It's not unusual for collabs to take so long. It took them a whole year to get Dragon Ball into the game

This might not inherently mean that we will see a Peter Griffin Skin in Fortnite, but after all these collaborations we already saw betweeen Epic and other pop culture franchises we don't really question anything. We will see how everything will eventually turn out and how these leaks will manifest in Fortnite if this crossover actually comes to fruition.

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