Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3, Season 2: Who Won?

The FNCS from Chapter 3, Season 2 has come to an end with some fantastic matches and a huge prize pool of $3 million. Here are all the winners.
Fncs chapter 3 season 2
Who took home the axe of champions and the prize money? | © Epic Games

Chapter 3, Season 2 of the Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) came to a close this weekend and the top players from each region were once again crowned champions. After the last few weeks of players from all over the world qualifying, 50 duos in seven server regions were able to compete for a share of $3 million and the axe of champions.

But who came out on top and is now officially one of the best Fortnite players in the world? Here are the FNCS Chapter 3, Season 2 winners from the Europe, NAE and NAW regions.

FNCS Winners: Europe

Fncs finals 3
Aqua and Veno were on fire! | © Epic Games

Several duos were close in the European region, but in the end Lootboy aqua and Tundra Veno prevailed with an insane three wins and 362 points. The champions received $300,000 in prize money and the axe of champions.

FNCS Winners: NAE

Fncs winner nae
Peterbot & bylahfn dominated NAE. | © Epic Games

The final in NAE was just as exciting. World Champion Bugha and his mate Mero gave it their all, but in the end they ended up in third place with the same number of points as second place, consisting of 33 cold and Walltaker 7. The victory and prize money of $130,000 were snatched by Peterbot. and bylahfn with an insane points lead of 343 points!

FNCS Winners: NAW

Fncs winner naw
In NAW 33 favs and FTX Snacky took the lead. | © Epic Games

It was a very exciting race in the west of North America. The gnarliest players ever battled it out in a head-to-head race for the gold medal, including rehx and Reet, Arkhram and EpikWhale, and 33 favs with his mate FTX Snacky. But the latter duo prevailed once again to win their second consecutive FNCS and $45,000 in prize money.

That's it for the winners from Europe and North America. We hope you enjoyed this FNCS season as much as we did! We'll see you again soon... in the FNCS of Chapter 3, Season 3.