Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2, Season 5 Semi-Finals – All Winners

FNCS Halbfinale
Things heated up in the FNCS Semi-Finals, but who will make it to the top? (Credit: Epic Games)

The stage is set for the $3 million Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Finals, but before that happens, let's look at the Semi-Finals winners, and thus, who will be competing. Curtains up: here come the best Fortnite Players of 2021 so far.

The journey to Chapter 2, Season 5's FNC began three months ago, in early December, as trios formed in seven regions around the world to prepare for a tournament that boasts a total prize pool of $3 million.

Epic Games employed the same general format for the seventh edition of the FNCS. Teams had three weeks to earn a top ten finish in one of three qualifying tournaments, or earn enough series points to reach the semi-finals. A total of 132 trios earned that right in each region. Additionally, a top-eight performance was necessary for players to advance to the FNCS Grand Finals.

This past weekend was a roller coaster of emotions. While some teams sealed their fate, others went home empty-handed. Sunday also saw the all-important restart round, with few teams still able to place for the finals. There's a lot to recap, so let's jump right in to see which trios from each region will be fighting for the coveted FNCS trophy next week.


As usual, the European region did not disappoint at the FNCS event. Heat A was won convincingly by Fortnite pros IDrop, TaySon and MrSavage. Heat D offered arguably the strongest performance, as the top trio of GUILD Anas, GUILD Flikk, and Gamma Th0masHD destroyed the competition.

They scored 256 points, including 68 eliminations, and two Victory Royales. It was an unprecedented performance, and we are excited to see if they can prevail against their dangerous opponents in the FNCS Finals next weekend.

FNCS Halbfinale Europa
Top 1 to 5 players in the FNCS European Semi-Finals. (Credit: Epic Games)
FNCS Halbfinale Europa 2
Top 6 to 10 players in the FNCS European Semi-Finals. (Credit: Epic Games)

NA East

NA East delivered in the semi-finals, with three familiar teams at the top of each heat. In Heat A, Bugha, Clix and Bizzle prevailed with a commanding 163 points. Later in Heat B, Gabe, Tahi, and Sprite topped the Heat A winners with 193 points. The action continued in Heat C, with the top trio of Slackes, Acorn, and Jahq collecting 279 points in their six matches.

Zayt, Saf, and Stretch failed to reach the top eight in their heat but won the reboot round in impressive fashion to secure the final spot in next weekend's finals.

FNCS Halbfinale NAE
Top 1 to 5 players in the NAE semi-finals (Credit: Epic Games)
FNCS Halbfinale NAE 2
Top 6 to 10 players in the NAE semi-finals (Credit: Epic Games)

NA West

Clean high finish from Ordepzszn, Rubenf008 and Buzzo. The trio dominated Heat 4 in NA West with 2 Victory Royales and 147 points. Closely followed by Norcal Kenshi, TSG Snacky and Pure Chris with 145 points, they also have to be prepared for opponents next week who know no consideration.

FNCS Halbfinale NAW
Top 1 to 5 plays in the NA West FNCS Semi-Finals (Credit: Epic Games)
FNCS Halbfinale NAW 2
Top 6 to 10 plays in the NA West FNCS Semi-Finals (Credit: Epic Games)


Fortnite World Cup participant FaZe K1ng and teammates xown and Rustyache32 amassed 224 points with 61 eliminations and two Victory Royales. Multiple FNCS finalist SNG King took the win, and 239 points along with teammates cadu and 100UM in Heat D. Jpsk1ng, Frans, and baguv2 took first place in Heat A with 177 points.


The outstanding team of PWR Muz, PWR looter, and speedy at pub showed the most impressive performance in Heat B of the Oceania region. They scored 229 points, beating out several other outstanding teams. One of them was Jynx, alecc, and worthy, who won FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5. Although Oceania is one of the lesser-regarded regions, there are many talented teams whose gameplay we will look forward to seeing in the finals.


Last Season's winning trio, Qjac, naetor, teamed up with teammate alice in Heat B to advance to the semifinals. They scored an insane 241 points, and two Victory Royales. Heading into their first FNCS championship together, there are a lot of positive things to report about this team. Let's see what else the Asian region will bring.

Middle East

KuKi, Falcon Phantom and GXR Nyle, who formed after the end of the last FNCS were in top form this weekend. They scored a whopping 257 points, beating out another top team, consisting of Souriano, Modisk, and Falcon Kai, who scored 249 points.


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