Fortnite Guide: How To Mantle 5 Times In 5 Seconds

Week 6 Fortnite Challenges are here, and one challenge requires you to mantle 5 times within 5 seconds. We'll show you how it's done.
Fortnite mantle 5 times in 5 seconds
Lets go! | © Epic Games

We are now in the 6th week of Fortnite Season 2, and we're slowly but surely heading towards the climax. But before that happens, there are of course still a few Fortnite challenges to be completed. One of the new challenges requires you to: mantle 5 times within 5 seconds.

This involves using a new mechanic in Chapter 3 Season 2 that allows players to grab onto ledges and pull themselves up. This maneuver can be very useful during normal gameplay as it allows players to traverse vertical obstacles more easily.

And even if this task seems quite difficult at first glance, there is a method that can help you to complete the challenge quickly.

This Is How You Mantle 5 Times In 5 seconds

You should complete this challenge in a mode that allows you to build. Once you have chosen a mode, it is best to land somewhere further out so as not to be disturbed by an opponent. Then you need to farm a few planks and build a structure that allows you to mantle lots of times in a row.

There are a few build options that work very well. The first configuration is an "X" and is formed by lining up two walls and then crossing that line with two more walls. Alternatively, you can build a simple four-wall box, leaving the top open for easy jumping between inside and outside.

When the building is complete, you can use it like a jungle gym, climbing over the walls as many times as necessary to complete the challenge. Here is a video of the X-Method being perfectly demonstrated:

Now you will be able to complete the quest. And when the challenge is completed, you will receive 20,000 tasty XP towards your Battle Pass!