Fortnite Leak: Proximity Chat Could Come Soon

According to the latest leaks, proximity chat could be coming to Fortnite soon. Funny Clips and moments incoming?

Proximity chat fortnite chapter 4
Proximity Chat in Fortnite could turn the entire game upside down. | © Epic Games

It's no secret that proximity chat is a highly requested feature in gaming. This voice chat is particularly popular with games like Rust or Sea off Thieves. With Season 2, even Warzone has now added this feature, which means thousands of extremely funny clips are now circulating online and going viral.

And now, apparently, Epic Games has decided to bring proximity chat to Fortnite as well. The chaos is definitely inevitable...

Proximity chat Explained

What makes proximity chat different from regular voice chat is that it's open to the entire lobby, specifically anyone in your area.

This differs from voice chat, which is only available with your teammates. At least if they are not muted. When proximity chat is enabled, you can hear the chatter of all nearby players and vice versa. This can sometimes lead to one or the other funny action, as you can see here in the Warzone 2 video:

Proximity Chat Coming To Fortnite

Now Fortnite leaker BeastFNCreative has discovered in the files that Epic Games has started a beta test for proximity chat in Fortnite.

Unfortunately, nothing more is known about it yet, but since the naming scheme clearly points to the implementation of proximity chat, we are sure that it will come into play in some form sooner or later.

That could lead to a lot of funny situations that would just go nicely with the colorful Battle Royale.

When will Proximity Chat Come To Fortnite?

With Chapter 4, Season 2 coming March 8th, 2023, those hoping to see the system implemented by then will likely be disappointed. As Proximity Chat is still in beta testing, it's unlikely to be ready by then. As soon as we have new information, we will of course update this article for you!

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