All Leaked Skins From Fortnite Surveys

Epic Games is constantly working to bring new skins to its battle royale. To do this, they get input from the Fortnite community through surveys. We brought you a list of all the poll skins that may appear in the game sooner or later.

Fortnite leaked survey skins
Whether the skins from the polls come into play is ultimately decided by Epic. | © Epic Games

Fortnite has partially lasted this long because it constantly brings new content into the game in the form of crossovers and skins. Epic Games always engages with its community by publishing a list of Fortnite skins and letting Fortnite fans vote on which ones should be included in the game in the future.

These surveys take place every few months. In fact, over time we've already been able to delist a few skins that have appeared in the game.

To give you an overview of all survey skins, we have listed each individual skin for you here.

Crossover Surveys July 2023

In July 2023, Epic Games once again sent out a survey to their players regarding their interests. The list includes franchises and artists such as Five Nights At Freddy's, Genshin Impact, Doctor Who, Fallout, Super Mario Bros, Devil May Cry, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons and more!

Survey Skins April 2023

In April 2023, Epic Games sent out a survey about 66 skin concepts. Once again, the selection is very colorful, so there could be something for everyone!

Fortnite Survey Skins april 23
All survey skins from April 2023. | © Epic Games

Survey Skins October 2022

In October 2022, Epic Games has shared a survey, showing these special skins:

Survey skins october
All survey skins from October 2022. | © Epic Games

Exactly 70 skins were included in the survey this time. And some of them look incredibly good!

Survey Skins August 2022

Here are all of the skins featured in the Fortnite August 2022 Skins Poll, provided in a pretty image by Fortnite creator & leaker ShiinaBR.

Fortnite August Survey Skins
All survey skins from August 2022. | © Epic Games

A total of 73 different skins are included in the survey, which could indicate a month-long supply of cosmetics. However, these are only concepts, which means fans won't likely see the new skins for a few months at the earliest.

Crossover Surveys June 2022

Fortnite Survey
How cool would the Foo Fighters be in Fortnite? | © Epic Games

In June 2022, Epic also asked its community what crossovers their fans would like to see in Fortnite. Listed are brands, characters from films, series, anime and video games, as well as musicians, bands and content creators.

The list seems endless, but Epic is already busy completing it. These characters from the list have already appeared in the game:

  • Batman
  • Spider-Man
  • Arcane-Charaktere
  • Anderson .Paak
  • Chris Redfield
  • Marcus Fenix
  • Guile
  • Zendaya (Spider-Man & Dune-Versionen)
  • Tom Holland (Spider-Man-Version)
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Sasuke
  • Deathstroke
  • Silver Surfer
  • Lachlan
  • Lazarbeam
  • Indiana Jones

How to take part in Fortnite Skin surveys

Epic Games is always looking for more players to provide feedback on their battle royale, which is why they're always looking for new people from the community to participate in their Fortnite polls.

If you would also like to take part in the Fortnite Skin Polls, simply do the following:

  • Go to and log in with your main account
  • Open the account settings
  • Go to the Communications tab
  • Click Manage Email Messages
  • Check the "Survey emails" box under the "Surveys" item

Now, in the future, you'll receive emails from Epic Games that allow you to participate in their skin surveys.

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