Fall Guys Split-Screen: Local Multiplayer Support Status

If you try to play Fall Guys split-screen with a friend, you may wonder why you can't find the option to enable it in the game settings. Unfortunately, Fall Guys' multiplayer mode is limited in certain ways, which we'll explain here.

Fall Guys Splitscreen
Fall Guys: Will we ever get local split-screen co-op? | © Epic Games / Sony

Fall Guys should have been invented many years sooner. It's such a fantastically simple concept: just make Takeshi's Castle into a multiplayer game. Of course, the developers shouldn't have stopped there, and that might explain why the game hasn't lived up to its initial hype. With so many post-release efforts focused on new cosmetics, they weren't thinking about essential quality of life features that Fall Guys needed.

One of the biggest Fall Guys features that fans have been asking for is split-screen, of course. So, what is the state of split-screen in Fall Guys right now, about two years after release, and will it ever be developed?

Fall Guys Multiplayer: Split-Screen Co-Op Mode Is Not Available By Now

Though you obviously can play Fall Guys together with other people, every player has to play on an own device, so you cannot play Fall Guys in split-screen on any of the available platforms. This is just absurd, of course, as Fall Guys seems almost custom-built to be split-screen. It's the perfect game for that kind of fun, but sadly, Epic haven't introduced this feature yet.

Fans have been pointing this out for long now:

Apparently, Epic have been making far too much money from Fall Guy crossovers with Sonic to care about adding free features. But is that ever going to change? Is split-screen Fall Guys even in development?

Whether you can play locally with a mate or not, why not start by learning the basics first:

Fall Guys Split-Screen Support Remains Highly Unlikely

It's unlikely that Epic will ever add split-screen support for Fall Guys in the future, as they've never issued a statement suggesting they will until today. We went through all the press-releases from the dev team, and there's never been a single message from them that suggests they're even looking into the possibility of split-screen Fall Guys.

This is a game that relies on selling cosmetics to make money. And it's entirely free-to-play. Now, nobody would buy more cosmetics to use for local play, they would buy them to flex online against 59 players. So the unfortunate answer here is quite obvious: no, Fall Guys will probably never have split-screen. Sorry.