LoL: Free Champion Rotation This Week

We take a look at this week's free champion rotation in League of Legends. Is your main free to play?

Rageborn mundo
Mundo goes where he pleases... which is the free League of Legends champion rotation. | © Riot Games

The constant changes in League of Legends make the game quite confusing at times. The addition of champions each year makes the oversight of 150 champs almost impossible. Thankfully, Riot introduced the weekly champion rotation, which allows players to test out the champions for free.

Riot Games loans out around 10% of playable champions for free each week. This keeps League of Legends interesting and gives players the opportunity to experiment. Once you hit level 11, you gain access to the free champion rotation. The free champion rotation switches up every single Tuesday, so be prepared to try some new stuff on Summoner's Rift weekly.

League of Legends Free Champion Rotation: 28 February – 7 March

These are the champions that are part of this week's free champion rotation:

  • Azir
  • Blitzcrank
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Elise
  • Gwen
  • Karma
  • Lillia
  • Pyke
  • Ryze
  • Tahm
  • Taric
  • Tristana
  • Trundle
  • Twisted Fate
  • Xayah

Rito once again with the perfect timing. Elise is free to play this week, but who was nerfed with the current patch? None other than our favorite spider lady. If you still want to play her since you're looking for a strong early game jungler, then give her a shot, she just won't be OP anymore.

Who is the best LoL top laner in this free champion rotation, you might ask? That would be Darius. Darius is a great solo queue champion since you don't need to worry about your team, since you can easily solo carry with him. He's also got a lot of build diversity which means you can play him into multiple comps.

If you're looking for a good jungler, then you have to go with Elise. Elise is one of the best junglers, but this patch she might fall off a bit due to some more jungle changes. Doesn't mean she is bad and from the options we have she is the best jungler.

As for mid lane picks in this free champion rotation, we are going to have to suggest Tristana. She might be a bit unconventional, but she is still insanely strong. No one can take towers as quickly as she can and her rocket jump can keep her safe from enemies at all times.

For you bot lane mains, we have a pick for you this week and that is none other than our beloved Xayah. Xayah is just broken in the current meta. The buffs from a few patches ago, as well as crit item changes have made her a high priority pick and one of the best champions on the rift right now.

To end, we get to the support role, and in this free champion rotation you should go for Blitzcrank. Another champion that is just completely broken right now is Blitzcrank. Tank iems have been buffed, putting melee and engage supports on the map and who is more melee and engage than Blitzcrank? Right, no one.

So, that's it, guys. Try out a few of these unique champions from this champion rotation, and maybe you'll find your new main? Who knows. We'll be back next Tuesday to see who you can try in the next free champion rotation!

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