LoL World Championship Pick'Em Explained

Each year, players get to predict what the League of Legends World Championship will have in store for them thanks to the pick'ems. So let's check out what pick'ems even is and how you can participate!

Pick Em 2021
Who is going to win Worlds? | © Riot Games

Pick'Em is just like what it sounds. You, the players and fans, get to pick the winners. Or well.. try and pick the winners. This is where you get to use your game knowledge of all the different League of Legends regions, the meta and players come together to try and predict what the World Championship will have in store for us.

The Pick'Em is an important part of any League of Legends World Championship, with honor on the line for each and every single person participating in this rite of LoL Worlds' passage. Last year, ahead of the 2021 Finals only one player still had the perfect Pick'Em, will 2022 be just as close?

LoL World Championship: How Does Pick'Em Work?

It's actually extremely easy. You go onto the official LoL Pick'Em website from Riot Games and make your predictions. You're able to switch around your picks until the day of the event, so if you're flip-flopping between EDG and T1 getting first in the group, you always have time to go back and give T1 that number one spot in group A.

You're able to place each group and change the standings before the start of the group phase in the first part of the League of Legends Pick'Em. If you get a group or place right, you earn points. Getting it wrong means 0 points.

In the second phase of the Pick'Em you're going to have to predict each knockout-round match up. This part of the Pick'Em will only open once the Group Stage is concluded and the teams facing off against one another in the quarterfinals are revealed.

How to Sign Up For Pick'Em

All you need to sign up for Pick'Em is a valid Riot Account and Summoner Name to play. So just follow these steps and you'll be able to sign up for Pick'Em with ease – unless you're from Quebec because then apparently it's illegal 🙄

  1. Go to the LoL Pick'Em website
  2. Click on the top right to log in to your Riot Account
  3. Make your Picks

First Time Ever: Play-In Pick'Em

For the first time in the history of Pick'Em, Riot is also letting players make their own pick'em for the play-in phase of the tournament. You'll be able to make your picks starting with the Play-In Knockout rounds. This means you can earn even more points and more loot than in previous years.

Make sure to make your playoff picks once the group stage concludes on October 2. The same goes for the Play-In finals that get played on October 4, 2022.

Worlds 2022 Azir Skin Splash
Azir is the Worlds Champion for 2022. | © Riot Games

What is the Crystal Ball Pick

Riot decided to up the ante with the Crystal Ball pick this year after a successful test run in 2021. This time around, Riot have made 20 prediction questions you can answer. But you need to be quick, the questions close on September 29, 2022 when the Play-Ins start.

So, you guys have one week to answer questions for some extra coins in your Pick'Em. These could be valuable in the later stages when you already messed up all your group predictions.

Pick'Em Scoring

Last year, players earned 2 coins for every team they predicted that would move onto the Knockout Round, while earning 3 more for the correct order in their group. If you placed a team correctly in third or fourth place, you get 2 points for those as well. Getting a whole group right nets you 2 extra points, so the most points you can get in a group is 16.

Moving onto the Knockout stage, correct picks in quarters earns you 5 points, in semifinals 10 points and picking the Worlds Finals is worth 20 points. Oh, and the Crystal Pall pick will give you bonus 20 points if you get it right!

What is The Coin?

The coin is simply there to make the decisions for you, if you're unsure or just don't have time to log in every week to make your pick. The coin will also help those of you out who forget to lock in by picking a random score for a game. If you do get points through the coin, you will earn less points though, so keep that in mind.

New this year though is a completely random pick'em chosen by the Coin if you so wish. Basically, you can choose to use the coin, get a random score, and then you're going to be stuck with it. No backsies here.

Pick'Em Prizes

Now it's on to the most important part of it all, the prizes. What can you earn other than glory and honor? Well, let's go over the loot you can score with the 2022 Pick'Em.

Participation Prizes

You earn prizes just for participating in Pick'Em if you so wish. What can you earn? Well, for just making picks you can get 1 Worlds 2022 Capsule.

  • Make 1 Crystal Ball Pick
  • Make 1 Play-Ins Knockout Stage Pick
  • Make 1 Group Stage Pick
  • Make 1 Quarterfinals Pick

Pick'Em Performance Tiers

This is for those of you who make your traditional Pick'Em in the Group Phase and Knockout Rounds to earn points. These are the rewards and the ranks you can get:

  • Perfect Picks: All Ultimate Skins
  • Top 5,000 Rank: Worlds 2022 Azir Skin + Champion
  • S-Tier Rank (Top 5%): 50 Event Tokens + 4 Worlds 2022 Capsules + Kassadin "Excuse Me?" Emote
  • A-Tier Rank (Top 20%): 3 Worlds 2022 Capsules + Kassadin "Excuse Me?" Emote
  • B-Tier Rank (Top 40%): 2 Worlds 2022 Capsules + Kassadin "Excuse Me?" Emote
  • C-Tier Rank (Top 70%): 1 Worlds 2022 Capsule + Kassadin "Excuse Me?" Emote

Crytal Ball Pick'Em Tiers

This year Riot has changed up the Crystal Ball Pick'Em, which means we can earn even more free rewards. Hopefully my T1 favouritism won't bite me in the ass for these though because I'd like to be in the Top 5,000 Ranks...

  • Perfect Picks: All Ultimate Skins
  • Top 5,000 Rank: Worlds 2022 Azir Skin + Champion
  • S-Tier Rank (Top 5%): 50 Event Tokens + 4 Worlds 2022 Capsules + -Syndra "Serve!" Emote
  • A-Tier Rank (Top 20%): 3 Worlds 2022 Capsules + Syndra "Serve!" Emote
  • B-Tier Rank (Top 40%): 2 Worlds 2022 Capsules + Syndra "Serve!" Emote
  • C-Tier Rank (Top 70%): 1 Worlds 2022 Capsule + Syndra "Serve!" Emote

Since in 2021 there were no perfect picks, Riot has added some guaranteed rewards for those of you who make it to the top 5,000.

Pick'Em Start Date

Pick'Em have kicked off on September 23 for the Crystal Ball Picks. Here you'll be able to make your picks with the 20 aforementioned questions while the next round starts on October 2nd when the Play-In group phase ends. Then you can make your final picks for the Play-In Playoffs.

The usual picks for groups of the main event will kick off once the final four teams have been decided for the event. So good luck everyone!