Rocket League Server Down: All Current Problems And How To Check The Server Status

In order to be able to play online multiplayer in Rocket League, two things are essential: your internet connection and the Rocket League servers. However, sometimes there are various problems. Here you can find the current status of the servers.

Rocket League Server Down
Why are the Rocket League Servers down right now? Well, find out for yourself... | © Psyonix

We've all know the feeling: After a hard day's work, all we want is to just turn on the PC and play Rocket League. It is precisely at these moments that the Rocket League servers are slower than my grandma (love u) or are already completely down.

Unfortunately, that does happen quite often, for example when Psyonix releases a new Rocket League Season or releases a smaller patch. In this article, you will learn why the Rocket League servers are not working right now and how long the problem lasts. We will also show you how to get the current server status.

Rocket League Server Down? How To Check Server Status

If you have checked whether your own internet connection is working, and you still cannot access Rocket League inline, then it is probably due to Psyonix' servers. As previously mentioned, this unfortunately happens again and again with both minor updates and major patches.

Thanks to the internet, you can quickly check if you're the only one having issues with the Rocket League servers. On websites like, users can report current disruptions and problems – you can do so too, to help out some other fans from the community!

If there is a strong upward spike at this point in time, you can be sure that the Rocket League servers are down.

Sadly, you can't really do anything about it yourself. The only thing left at this point is to wait. Fortunately, many server difficulties resolve themselves within minutes. When a new Rocket League season is released, Psyonix usually plans longer maintenance work. These will be announced ahead of time, though – you can always keep up to date with the latest on Rocket League's official Twitter account.

While the Rocket League servers are down, there's little you can do but sit out the maintenance. To make the wait a little more bearable, master one of the many difficult flicks in Rocket League or learn an entirely new move.