Formula 1 Returns to Rocket League: F1 Hitbox, Items, Decals, & More

Rocket league f1 fan pack russian grand prix
The Rocket League F1 Fan Pack returned to celebrate the Russian Grand Prix. | © Psyonix

Rocket League's Formula 1 Fan Pack is leaping back onto our screens in style, reintroducing the new F1 Battle Car to the mix, including its various Rocket League F1 items and decals. We take a look at the new F1 Vehicle, answer the question "what is the F1 Hitbox", and take a look at one of Season 3's premier vehicles.

The F1 Fan Pack back in Season 3 was the second time in Rocket League history that Psyonix had dropped an F1 Car into Rocket League. The Animus GP was dropped in 2017, and looked kind-of similar to an F1 vehicle. This time, it was actually an official crossover! Formula 1 came to Rocket League in the F1 Fan Pack, bringing a new vehicle as well as new Rocket League Items and Decals.

[UPDATE: September, 2021]

Rocket League's F1 Fan Pack Returns for the Russian Grand Prix

Season 3's F1 Fan Pack has made another return to the Item Shop to celebrate the Russian Grand Prix. It's an exciting time for Rocket League, as the game continues to work on relationships with various high-profile collaborators like F1 and NASCAR. Now, Psyonix are celebrating the Russian Grand Prix with us, returning the F1 Fan Pack to the Item Shop. Below, you will find everything you need to know about the fan pack, and the F1 Vehicle itself.

Before we take a look at Rocket League's F1 Hitbox, here's the latest Rocket League news...

[ORIGINAL ARTICLE: May 20, 2021]

What is the Rocket League F1 Hitbox?

The Rocket League Formula 1 Vehicle has a Dominus Hitbox, as confirmed in the official F1 Fan Pack announcement yesterday. The F1 Fan Pack only comes with one new vehicle, unlike the NASCAR Fan Pack (which featured three), but does feature a large assortment of Rocket League decals and items as well. The F1 Battle Car's Dominus Hitbox will have a significant effect on the way that it handles, but since the Dominus Hitbox is now a standard for Rocket League, it should not drastically change the balance of the game.

Look, we're not going to go into detail here about what the Dominus Hitbox will mean for the F1 Battle Car, but if you are unsure, check out our extensive guide!

What Rocket League Decals Are Available for the F1 Vehicle?

  • Alfa Romeo 2021 Decal
  • AlphaTauri 2021 Decal
  • Alpine 2021 Decal
  • Aston Martin 2021 Decal
  • Ferrari 2021 Decal
  • Haas 2021 Decal
  • McLaren 2021 Decal
  • Mercedes-AMG Petronas 2021 Decal
  • Red Bull 2021 Decal
  • Williams 2021 Decal

What Rocket League Items Are Available for the F1 Vehicle?

The Pirelli Wheels are the only Rocket League items, other than decals, to be included in the F1 Fan Pack. That's okay, they are pretty neat, and we can assure you that with the F1 Hitbox being a Dominus Hitbox, the many different decals available, and the Formula 1 theme, the F1 Fan Pack is worth a look.

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