5 Pro Tips for Warzone Helicopters

Warzone Helicopter
The helicopter rains fiery death. (Source: Activision)

The helicopter gives you superior mobility around the map and takes you to inaccessible places, but there is so much more it has to offer. Here are 5 tips to improve your heli game in Warzone.

Most Call of Duty: Warzone vets will already know some of these tips, but maybe you can find something for your next match – so you can say: gg, ez!

1. Know the Heli Spawns

Makes sense, doesn't it? The helicopter is one of the most popular vehicles in Warzone, so it is important to know where it is in Verdansk. There are 8 possible places in total where a helicopter can spawn:

  • At the dam
  • At Military Base
  • At the airport
  • At the TV station
  • At the hospital
  • In the northern part of downtown
  • At the port
  • At the prison

Depending on where you jump off at the beginning of a match, you should consider which spawn is most convenient for you.

2. Use the Rotor Blades

The blades of a helicopter are not only useful for flying! They can also be used as a method to shred enemies into tiny little pieces. Enemies who are new to parachuting can also be easily killed, while players on the ground can be chopped up (heh) if they are out in the open. Try to land on your enemies or tilt the helicopter slightly forward or sideways to catch enemies with the rotor blades.

The Heli technique is shown in this video:

3. Solo with RPG

Even if you play alone, you can wreak havoc with an RPG, a helicopter and reasonably good timing. Find a target that is as stationary as possible, for example, a camper on a roof, align the heli correctly and change to the co-pilot seat. Fire a rocket at the enemy and switch back into the cockpit.

For this maneuver, you need some practice and must know how the helicopter behaves as soon as you change the seat. After a few tries, you should have developed a feeling for it and can let it rain rockets onto the war zone.

4. Take Care of Your Heli

Once you've secured the most popular vehicle in Warzone, you naturally want to get the most out of it. So try to keep your helicopter alive as long as possible. The most susceptible parts are the rotor blades – if they suffer too much damage, your heli will crash and burn. You should also pay special attention to drones, as even the smallest Recon Drone destroys you in a direct collision.

You are also a popular target for all the PILAs and JOKRs in Verdansk, so don't forget you have flares available. If you get into the sights of one of these weapons, activate the flares and escape the area as soon as possible.

Warzone Heli C4
A little C4 on the helicopter makes for a big bang. (Image credit: Activision)

5. Get the Kill When Bailing Out!

The eventual time will come when your helicopter is heavily damaged or has no more flairs. So before you give up your heli, steer it towards the nearest enemy and crash into them – just remember to jump out in time. The helicopter will continue to fly in the given direction and ideally – take out an opponent while you glide on your parachute safely to the ground and head for the next heli spawn point.

EarlyGame Tip: If you like big explosions – and who doesn't – you can attach some C4 to your helicopter before you let it crash into a group of enemies.

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