Massive New AI "Goliaths" Coming To Apex Legends

A new leak shows giant beasts in Apex Legends called Goliaths. These monsters look far bigger than any of the AI we've ever fought in the past. Here's what we know so far, and a release date for the Goliaths.

From ICM bunkers, to Prowlers, and Spiders, there's a decent amount of stuff to kill in Apex Legends besides other Legends. Usually, these enemies are a bad idea to engage unless you know you're alone. But sometimes they can be a good investment for equipment, and they certainly make the maps feel like authentic environments.

The latest new AI creature coming to Apex has just been leaked: the Goliath. Here's everything we know about them so far and a possible release date.

The New AI Coming To Apex: Goliath's

Goliath's are a neutral AI that will be introduced into Apex Legends, these are giant monsters that live in the Outlands. They look more dangerous and far bigger than any monsters we've fought in-game so far.

We've actually been exposed to these creatures in the lore already, and you can see one in the image above fighting Bloodhound. This particular Goliath was a creature that Bloodhound hunted down because it attacked their tribe and killed their uncle. This was Bloodhound's final "test" for the tribe.

You can see a low-res version of the Goliath in-game thanks to this leak from Reddit user u/VyKost:

A New Powerful Ai coming to Apex Legends from ApexUncovered

The images aren't high quality, but you can get an idea of the Goliath's size from them. Needless to say, these monsters will hit with a lot more force than we're used to.

When Will Goliath's Be Released In Apex Legends?

The Goliaths will probably be released at the start of Season 14 in August. Originally we saw Storm Point in the background of the leaked images, but we couldn't actually find them on that map. So we think Goliaths might instead be coming with the new map: Divided Moon.

We'll update you as soon as we hear more about these fantastic beasts and where to find them, but until then, we've also received exciting Valkyrie news this week...

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