Apex Legends Mobile "Unleashed Punishment" Event: Start Time, Rewards, More

Apex Legends Mobile gets an event all about Fade, the game's exclusive Legend. Find out everything you need to know about Unleashed Punishment including the start and end times, rewards, and more.
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A guide to the Apex Legends Unleashed Punishment event. | © Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Mobile has finally got its global release, with players all over the world able to jump into the, now mobile, battle royale. The game has also launched with a number of limited-time events the most involved of which is the Unleashed Punishment event.

Unleashed Punishment is centered around Fade, the mobile-exclusive Legend that launched with the title. The event promises to tell the story of this Wraith-like Legend while also offering up a series of cosmetic rewards in the shape of Season Currency and skins.

For more information on the event, check out our Unleashed Punishment event guide below.

Apex Legends Unleashed Punishment - Start And End Date

The Unleashed Punishment event is live now and started at the same time the game was launched globally on May 17. The Unleashed Punishment event ends on Saturday, May 28, giving players eleven days to complete the challenges.

How To Find Fade Chips

To complete the Unleashed Punishment event, you will need to find Fade Chips. Fade Chips can be found in the regular battle royale mode and can be found in floor loot. You can only find one Fade Chip per day.

You must pick up the Fade Chip, but you do not have to complete the game for them to count towards the event. As you collect more Fade Chips you can unlock more items with twelve items in total up for grabs. Every second unlock is another aspect of Fade's story.

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The event screen for Apex Legends Mobile Unleashed Punishment. | © Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Unleashed Punishment - Rewards

As mentioned before, there are twelve rewards in total with six of those being videos detailing Fade's backstory.

Also up for grabs, are the following rewards:

  • 1 Fade Chip: 2000 Season Currency
  • 3 Fade Chips: Fade Tracker (Number of enemies trapped by Ultimate Ability)
  • 5 Fade Chips: Common Apex Pack
  • 7 Fade Chips: 3000 Season Currency
  • 9 Fade Chips: Fade Tracker (Tactical Ability Flash Back total distance)
  • 11 Fade Chips: Unwavering Focus (Legendary Fade skin)

Once you collect the required Fade Chips you can claim the rewards from the Unleashed Punishment event tab.

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