Worldwide Apex Legends Kill Leader Gets Banned For Cheating

EA partner and ALGS pro Alefe "FeuFPS" Santos has been banned from Apex Legends for using wall hacks. Accusations have been made in the past, but this time, he was caught red-handed.

Battle Royale's have always been plagued by cheating. It seems to come with the territory. And while some BRs have done a better job of preventing it than others, no Battle Royale has ever been completely cheat-free. Usually it's just ratty guys trying to get cheap wins because they can't get one normally, but when it's a pro? That's something very different. When a pro uses hacks, they're effectively stealing cash prizes when they win. But let's take a look at the evidence before we get ahead of ourselves.

World Kill Leader Caught Using Wall-Hacks

Accusations of cheating have finally caught up to Apex Legend's worldwide kill leader, FeuFPS, for using what appears to be wall hacks. Many players have accused this player of using hacks before, and you can find hundreds of breakdowns of his plays that claim to show he's cheating. There a certainly quite a few instances where it's hard to understand how he knew a player was lurking behind a rock, or about to sneak up on him, but we'll remain above the fray.

Here's a breakdown from one of the accusers:

And then other users, long-term viewers of FeuFPS on Twitch, began throwing more evidence on to the fire. Here's another questionable clip:

FeuFPS has said in his defense that he's not using wall hacks, and he's just perfect at predicting plays. But as so many of the accusers pointed out, while FeuFPS is clearly an incredible player, there's just been too many suspect moments for it to all be a coincidence. Many have been calling on EA to act for months. It was getting embarrassing that a pro, and number one on the leader board, was using wall hacks.

Now, though, to the delight of pros in his region, FeuFPS has been banned from Apex Legends. Maybe he can make a successful appeal, but it seems unlikely. Still, it gives him time to complete the 2022 Game of the Year...