FIFA 22 x Apex Legends Collaboration – Tifos, Badges & Price

A few days ago, EA Sports announced a collaboration between FIFA 22 and the FPS Apex Legends. Now a bundle has appeared in the FUT Store... but what's in included?

FIFA x Apex Legends
Is the bundle worth your money? | © EA / EarlyGame

FIFA Ultimate Team is currently celebrating its birthday! And what's the most important thing on birthdays? Well, alcoho... presents, it's presents. So, besides the usual FUT content, EA Sports recently announced a cooperation with Apex Legends – which makes sense, since both games belong to EA.

To be honest, EA doesn't like to give stuff away for free... and FIFA simply hasn't reached the level of Fortnite yet, where a new Collab is launched what feels like every other day. Well, let's not keep you waiting any longer, an Apex Legends bundle has appeared in the FUT store. What's in it? Is it worth it? How expensive is it? Many questions, we have the answers.

FIFA 22 x Apex Legends – Bundle Release In FUT Store

Let's cut right to the chase: The bundle is currently available in the FUT Shop and will cost you either 180,000 coins or 1,500 FIFA Points. Care to hear our honest opinion? There are so many better ways to spend your coins (or points) in FIFA 22...

But if you really want to get some Apex Legends items, you can grab your wallet and buy the bundle until April 8, according to EA Sports. In the FUT Store, you just have to go to the Bundles tab and it should show up there. But what is actually included?

For those who are too lazy to launch the game, EA has published the contents of the bundle – as seen here – on Twitter. Among other things, players can get two different Tifos – a Legends Tifo and an XL Tifo Olympus. In addition, the special Phase Runner VIP area is also included, as well as some badges that fit the theme of the First-Person Shooter.

To summarize: In our opinion, this bundle isn't really worth it, and you should continue to spend your hard-earned coins on other stuff, like SBCs... We recommend to only purchase this bundle if you're the biggest Apex Legends fans EUWest. In the end, though, it's up to you, of course.