Apex Legends Season 13 Legends Tier List: All Characters Ranked from Best to Worst

We've ranked every Apex Legend in a tier list to show you who is the best...and who's the worst...
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Who are the best Legends in Season 13? | © Respawn Entertainment

Every season of Apex Legends sees a number of changes to the game; you have the introduction of a new Legend, balance changes, and, if not an entirely new map, changes to the current one.

Season 13 Savior is no different. New Legend, Newcastle, has joined the roster and there have been some serious tweaking to the game's arsenal of weapons with the snipers, in particular, getting big nerfs. There have also been some Legend balance changes meaning the Season 13 meta is truly in flux.

And that's why it is so important to keep on top of the meta changes because what was once the best Legend or best gun can quickly fall out of favor. To help you stay on top, we have compiled an Apex Legends Season 13 Legends tier list - ranking each and every Legend based on their relative power.

Apex Legends Season 13 Legends Tier List

There are 21 Legends in Apex as of the Season 13 update with Bangalore's long-lost brother, Jackson aka Newcastle, joining the roster. As more defensive support, Newcastle's strength lies in his ability to protect his teammates with all three of his abilities being various types of shields.

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Apex Legends now boasts 21 Legends. | © Respawn Entertainment

There have also been balance changes, with the powerful Valkyrie being given a slight nerf and Rampart being buffed. All things considered, not hugely drastic changes to take into account for this Season 13 Legends tier list but, with many of the game's weapons also being tweaked, there is still plenty to chew on.

A few things to note. For simplicity, this tier list is for the battle royale mode, not Arenas, and takes into consideration all levels of play. So, not a perfect science but, instead, a jumping-off point, so you can get to grips with the Season 13 meta. We will continue to update this page as the season progresses.

S-Tier Legends

  • Gibraltar
  • Bloodhound
  • Wraith
  • Valkyrie

Valkyrie may have received a nerf but she is still undoubtedly one of the best Legends in the game. There isn't much change at all in the S-Tier, to be honest, Gibraltar beats out newcomer Newcastle in the defensive support stakes. While Bloodhound and Wraith continue to dominate the games with their aggressive abilities. Bloodhound is the best recon Legend and Wraith has hugely impressive mobility skills that can also be used by her teammates when it comes to her ultimate which allows you to create a teleport.

A-Tier Legends

  • Ash
  • Mad Maggie
  • Newcastle
  • Pathfinder

As mentioned before, Newcastle doesn't quite beat out Gibraltar but still impresses in initial playtests. Ash continues to prove that she is one of the most game-changing Legends available with a selection of abilities that are quite unlike anyone else.

Apex Legends Newcastle
Newcastle is the newest Legend in the game. | © Respawn Entertainment

Mad Maggie, who was added in Season 12, has shown to be a powerful force in the game. Her impact on the Season 13 meta is going to be even greater with the increased focus on close-range combat. Pathfinder is still the zip-line king and while not everyone jives with his big hitbox few can beat him for mobility.


  • Bangalore
  • Horizon
  • Rampart
  • Loba

Bangalore, the smoke queen, is never a bad choice when deciding on team composition. Quickened when being shot at, and with the ability to fire a barrage of smoke grenades, Bangalore is the perfect Legend to get out of a tight spot. Another great mover is Horizon, she can jump from great heights without hindrance and launch herself (and anyone else) up to similarly hard-to-reach areas. A good pick in the right hands.

The subject of yet another buff, Rampart, is steadily becoming a better pick as time goes on. If you are defensive-minded there are other (better) options, but she will have her fans. Loba is a truly unique Legend and one who will always have a place in Apex, the ultimate looter, she can also bestow those qualities onto others with her ultimate which lets her set up a shop of nearby items.


  • Octane
  • Wattson
  • Revenant
  • Crypto

If you want to play aggressively, Octane is your man. At least that would be the case if Bloodhound and Wraith didn't exist. But as they do, unless you are particularly adept with his kit, there are better options.

Wattson hasn't been nerfed this season, at least not deliberately, but the meta has certainly caught up to her. With snipers no longer being as powerful and a more run-and-gun approach seen in Season 13, the time it takes Wattson to set up her abilities costs her a place higher up the list. In the right spot, still powerful, but it is C-Tier this time around.

Revenant is by no means a bad Legend, especially his ability to sneak up on unsuspecting teams, but his ultimate needs a serious rework and, until that happens, he remains down here.

For too long, Bloodhound was the best recon Legend in the game, but after a series of buffs in Season 12, Crypto found new favor with those that like to know exactly where they are going. He is powerful now, but still not quite at the level of Bloodhound which means he can't go much higher than C-Tier.


  • Fuse
  • Seer
  • Caustic

Fuse has one of the most powerful area denial weapons (his cluster bombs) and one of the weakest (his ultimate) which makes him an inconsistent Legend. One to miss. Seer is another whose kit simply can't match what other Legends can offer, namely Bloodhound and Crypto.

Caustic was a victim of some pretty serious Season 12 nerfs and has struggled to make an impact since. The only bright side is that the hulk of a man excels in close-range combat which the season does favor, but it isn't truly enough to get him back amongst the top picks.

Apex Legends season 13
Caustic's nerf in Season 12 has dampened his toxic power. | © Respawn Entertainment


  • Lifeline
  • Mirage

Lifeline, at one point one of the most over-powered Legends with her ultimate providing the best option for healing, now finds herself right down at the bottom of the rankings. If there is any Legend in the game that needs to be shown some love by the developers it is her. Gibraltar or Newcastle best her in every way, and it makes her a near useless pick.

Oh Mirage, as fun as her kit is, it is simply unfeasible at any level of Apex Legends. There have been calls since 2020 for her to be reworked but, still, nothing has happened. Avoid at all costs.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was your complete overview of all the Legends in Apex Season 13. Were we too mean to Lifeline? Do we praise Bloodhound too highly? Let us know in the comments, and If you really want to get triggered by our tier-rankings, check out our best weapons in Apex article!