Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Release Date, New Maps, Weapons & Loba

Apex Legends Mobile is already entering its second season, and this means a ton of new content, and most excitingly of all, a new Legend: Loba. Here's a complete guide to Season 2, including the release date, and all the updates and changes you can expect.
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We're getting Loba in Season 2! | © EA

Apex Legends Mobile has had a successful start. It reached the top of the download charts on launch, and it seems to be supporting the needs of a huge playerbase to most user's satisfaction. A large part of this success comes from how closely they attempted to mirror the original game. And of course, that also involves the live-service structure.

Much like the original game, Apex Legends Mobile is divided up into seasons, with each new season bringing major balance changes and new content. In this article, you'll be able to find everything you could ever want to know about the new season.

If you're new to Apex Legends Mobile and all this new content seems overwhelming, then before you do anything check out our beginners guides:

Read those guides, learn the basics, and pop back when you're ready for the new Season 2 content!

When Is Apex Mobile Season 2 Released?

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 will launch on June 14 at exactly 17:00 PT (20:00 ET / 00:00 BST on June 15). There will be a short update available to download at that time, but we don't expect it to be much larger than a few hundred MB. It's not like we're getting the new Divided Moon map here or something.

What Balance Changes Are Coming In Apex Mobile Season 2?

The devs are still in the process of collecting feedback, so they won't be making any major balance changes in Season 2. As they put it, the feedback right now is crucial, but they aren't jumping to make changes just yet:

While we’re not responding to every thread that’s out there, we are listening to the community and taking in the feedback. Much of the feedback we’ve received is either currently being addressed by the team or we have plans for it in the near future.

That being said, they have at least made the following bug fixes:

  • Optimized Wraith’s base visuals
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to adjust the auto ammo pickup settings for the Peacekeeper
  • Adjusted several replicator spawn locations
  • Fixed several spots on world's edge where players would get stuck or blocked on the terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where Mirage players would experience lag when taking out a weapon after activating their ultimate ability.
  • Fixed the slow-down effect of Fade’s ultimate ability if he left the game
  • Fixed Octanes Incorrect VO callouts when using his jump pad

Thank god Wraith is getting fixed, cos she can look beautiful...

Who Is The New Legend Coming With Apex Mobile Season 2?

Loba will be joining the roster of Legends in Apex Mobile Season 2. Loba actually already exists in the base game, so we have a good idea of how she plays and what her background is. She's fairly popular in the main game, and we expect her to be about as good on mobile.

Who Is Loba?

Loba is the daughter of a wealthy gangster, who was assassinated alongside Loba's mother when Loba was just a child. Since then, Loba has been looking to avenge her parents. That's why she's in the Apex Games, in fact, she's looking for a way to kill Revenant (her parents' assassin, who is a character participating in the Games but hasn't reached mobile yet).

Without her parents to guide her, Loba became a thief in adult life. And since she stole her signature "Jump Drive" bracelet, she's basically been the best thief in the Outlands.

What Are Loba's Abilities?

Loba has a little extra mobility with her teleporting bracelet, but she's focused on finding and collecting loot. Here's exactly what she does:

  • Passive: Loba can see Purple and Gold loot through walls.
  • Tactical: Loba can throw her bracelet and then teleport to wherever it lands.
  • Ultimate: She throws down a "Black Market", basically a little shop that gathers all the loot from within 50 m and lets you pick two things.

Loba doesn't have any abilities that can be used aggressively, but she'll ensure that your team have the best weapons and equipment going into the fight, thanks to effective looting.

She sits around the B-tier in the main game, and we would expect her to be about as good on mobile. Looting is a little less important on the small screen, but her added mobility will be even more useful on mobile, so it balances out.

What New Content Is Coming In Apex Mobile Season 2?

Map Changes: Town Takeover - The Climatizer

We aren't getting a new map in Apex Mobile Season 2, but we are getting a new "theme" for World's Edge. Basically, we're getting a snow-covered, wintry version of the current BR map. Here's how the devs describe the changes:

Winter Warfare has taken over World’s Edge. The climatizer will turn off and on during the course of a match covering parts of World’s Edge with snow! Drop into Worlds Edge for frosty rewards! When the Climatizer is on, check your mini map for Frosted loot boxes.

There will also be Snowballs, which are just another form of the classic frag grenade, but with snow effects.

New Limited-Time-Mode: Armed & Dangerous

Armed & Dangerous is a shotguns and snipers only mode. It really is that simple. No new rule set, no new timings, all that's changed is the removal of every weapon besides snipers and shotguns. If only the upcoming Anime event could be this simple.

How Long Are Seasons In Apex Legends Mobile?

1 month. Unlike the original Apex Legends, which enjoys 3-month-long seasons, the mobile game will get a new season every single month. It's a pretty ridiculous timeframe for the team, but then that's just how the world of mobile gaming goes. They need to keep churning out the content, or they'll be overtaken as soon as Warzone's mobile game is released.

And that's about everything there is to say about the new season. Good luck grinding out the new Battle Pass!