Fastest TTK Guns In Apex Legends Mobile

A gun with a quick time-to-kill (TTK) is always highly sought after, and that is no different in Apex Legends Mobile. We reveal the best guns in the game.
Apex Mobile fastest TTK
These guns will drop opponents faster than any in Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile has got its global release and the world's mobile gamers are jumping into the battle royale. Much will be familiar to those that have played the mainline Apex Legend game, with many of the same legends, and the very same arsenal of weapons.

That doesn't mean there aren't differences, with the inclusion of Fade, a mobile-exclusive Legend, proving that Apex Legends Mobile is very much its own game.

And while the game's arsenal is the same in both titles, the actual stats and performance of weapons do differ between the games and that means learning once again what the best weapons are in Apex Legends Mobile.

One of the most important stats any player considers when choosing their go-to gun is the time-to-kill, a measure of how long it takes to down an opponent, usually given in seconds. So, if you are curious to know the fastest TTK guns in Apex Legends Mobile, then you have come to the right place as we break down the top five guns with 'melting' potential.

Fastest TTK Guns In Apex Legends Mobile

When you come to consider the fastest (or lowest) time-to-kill guns in Apex Legends, or any game, you are likely to see a number of assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, and sniper rifles and in that respect, there are few surprises on this list.

R-301 Carbine

Screenshot 20220524 152302
The R-301 is a great all-action assault rifle with a fast TTK | © Respawn Entertainment

First up, we have the R-301 which has already been nerfed with an update that rolled out with the global launch. This assault rifle absolutely shreds, and with little to no recoil, it won't take long to down whoever you have in your sites.

Aim for the body and then let the soft recoil land you a couple of headshots for free and watch them drop.

R-99 SMG

Screenshot 20220524 152253
The R-99 SMG has a kick but melts when on target. | © Respawn Entertainment

The first of two SMG's on the list is the R-99 SMG. This gun has particularly good hip-fire accuracy and a high rate of fire, meaning you should aim to get up close, bob and weave, and unload a clip. The recoil will kick in but master it, and you will quickly melt opponents.


Screenshot 20220524 152328
The Spitfire LMG has a large magazine and good damage output. | © Respawn Entertainment

The Spitfire LMG boasts a 40 Rnd magazine in its base with decent accuracy, and high damage output with body shots hitting for 19, and headshots for a huge 34. Learn to manage the recoil with this, land some shots, and you will have your opponent on the ropes.

Volt SMG

Screenshot 20220524 152313
The Volt SMG is an easy-to-control full-auto charged energy rifle. | © Respawn Entertainment

The Volt SMG is the second SMG on our list, but it is quite a different proposition to the R-99. This is a slower firing, more controllable SMG, that packs a serious punch in terms of damage - relative to the other SMGs in the game.

The beauty of this SMG is you will likely land all your shots and when you do, it won't be long before you've down your opponent.


Screenshot 20220524 152430
The Kraber is a monster of a sniper rifle. | © Respawn Entertainment

The Kraber sniper rifle is the game's sole one-shot kill weapon and thus, its place on this list is a bit of a misnomer. You will need to land your opening shot with the Kraber as you won't be getting ready for a second one for quite a bit of time owing to its slow rate of fire.

That slow rate of fire makes this weapon high risk, so to mitigate against that we suggest running it with an assault rifle or SMG.

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