All Fade's Abilities Explained

If you're in the market for horror games, then the latest Valorant agent Fade will surely give you that. Set to release during Episode 4 Act 3 (27.04), Fade's abilities will give you chills through your bones.

Fade Guide EG
Learn how to play Fade! | © Riot Games

The latest Turkish agent Fade will change Valorant gameplay forever. If you don't believe so, we've got the chance to check out Fade's abilities so that you can understand how she works (or rather how OP she is). As an Initiator, Fade's playstyle has the chance to even oppose the playstyle of Sova. So without further ado, let's check out all of Fade's abilities!


  • Cost: Free (Signature Ability)
  • Keybind: E

Fade's Haunt signature ability is a throwable orb that will hit the enemies with paranoia. If you don't reactivate it again by pressing E, after 1.5 seconds it will drop to the ground and become an Eye. If this Eye notices an enemy in its area, it will reveal them and apply the TRAIL debuff that lasts 12s. TRAIL is a new debuff in Valorant, and as the name suggests, enemies with it will leave a visible trail behind them wherever they go.

The Eye that Haunt spawns can be destroyed like KAY/O's knife, so if you're fast enough, you won't have to deal with the wraith of being constantly stalked. But if Haunt's TRAIL is combined with Fade's Prowler ability, put on hospital clothing and get ready for your destruction's treatment.


  • Cost: 300 Credits
  • Charges: 2
  • Keybind: C

Fade's Prowler ability presents a creature that will set out to find enemy players. The creature will travel in a straight line, and if it finds a TRAIL, it will follow it until it locates an enemy player. Once the ability reaches the enemy, it will activate after a 0.5-second cooldown, which will affect the enemy player with the debuff NEARSIGHT. The NEARSIGHT debuff is basically the same as Paranoia from Spikerush.

You can also control the creature by holding the left mouse button and moving your mouse. If it finds a trail the creature will follow it, and if it doesn't, the creature will just move in a straight line. Just imagine the stress of trying to sneak up an enemy, only to see a trail behind you and a beast making a chase for it!


  • Cost: 200 Credits
  • Charges: 1
  • Keybind: Q

Fade's Seize ability is a throwable orb such as Haunt. When you throw the orb, it will hit the ground after a maximum time of 1.5s being in the air. Once Seize hits the ground, it'll activate after 0.5s. This activation creates a zone of 7 meters, and all enemies in this zone will be tethered and pulled to the center. The enemies will endure 75 decay damage, will be deafened, and won't be able to escape the zone by "normal means". We've actually seen the DECAY debuff in Viper's abilities.

You can also press Q again while the ability is still in the air to make it hit the ground earlier. Imagine pulling out campers and defusers in post-plant to drop half their health and kill them before they know it. I wouldn't like to be on the enemies' side against Fade!


  • Ult points required: 7
  • Keybind: X

The last of Fade's abilities is her ultimate ability, Nightfall. Did you find the TRAIL, DECAYED, and DEAF debuffs scary? Well, imagine being hit with all of them. Fade's ult upon activation will shoot out a wave of dark mist in an area. Any enemy that gets caught by the mist will suffer the TRAIL, DECAY, and DEAF debuffs for 12s.

Like Breach's ult, Fade's Nightfall is perfectly utilized to take control of a site and defeat any enemies that try to get in your way. The debuffs are too strong, and suffering them for 12 seconds is too long. And better yet, the enemies won't be able to even hide properly. They'll leave trails, upon which you'll know exactly where they are after being hit with your ult!