How To Play Duelists In Valorant: Complete Guide

Duelists aren't anything different from other agent classes. Though the agent's abilities may vary, the strategies not so much. So let's take a look at how you can play Duelists in Valorant!

Valorant Duelists How to Guide
How to play Duelists in Valorant! | © Riot Games

Duelist agents are the most prominent among players in Valorant. That's because they have the highest chances to top frag and get kills. Duelist's utility is designed to defeat enemies head-on. But if you don't know how to make the most use of a Duelist's abilities, you won't reach the agent's true potential. So let's take a look at how to play Duelists in Valorant!

Valorant Duelist Agents Overview

There are 6 Duelist agents in Valorant. Their abilities may differ, but all Duelist agents share the same tactics and strategies for attacking and defending. If you want to check out each individual Duelist agent and how to use their abilities, you can do so here:

If you want to get kills and hit clips like your favorite Valorant pro player, then learn the tactics and strategies for playing Duelists!

How To Attack With Duelists In Valorant

When it comes to attacking, that's where Duelists shine. The Duelist's role in attacking is being the entry fragger to take the site easily and fast until the enemies reposition. This requires really aggressive gameplay, so be prepared to have excellent aim. Some of the Duelist agents require great team strategies, though.

For example, if you're playing Jett on Bind, attacking A site, you could smoke off U-Hall, dash to the pillar and take control over any enemy positioned there. Once the smoke wears off, you can get easy kills from enemy players camping there. But while this is happening, your team also has to be prepared to rush into the site and take out any enemies that have control of it.

Valorant Jett Duelist Guide Bind
Play aggressive! | © Riot Games

Similar strategies could apply to other Duelist agents as well. With Raze, you can send the Boom Bot ability to U-Hall, and while it searches for enemies, you could reposition yourself to the pillar. But do note that you shouldn't just walk straight, take a look on the right for any enemies. Or you can rush in with your Blast Packs. That way, enemies don't have a fixed crosshair on your head. These strategies apply to other maps as well, like if you're attacking site A on Split, you could smoke off, send a bot, or flash off the corridor leading to the site while you rush to secure Heaven, so the team can take control and plant.

How To Defend With Duelists In Valorant

Defending just isn't the right type of tea for Duelists. Their purpose is more focused on attacking than defending. But that doesn't mean you should just throw the match and call it a day, as there are still ways you can help out your team. Your purpose as a Duelist when defending is to keep the enemies away with your abilities until your team rotates for a fair fight. Though nobody knows who has an advantage over that fight: Vandal or Phantom users?

You can use Reyna's or Yoru's blinds and flashes to make the enemies go back into hiding or throw Raze's grenade into closed corridors, openings, and angles, which is quite useful for a short period of time. If you successfully manage to stall time with your abilities until your whole team is on-site, from there on, you should wait for the enemy to start entering and kill every single one of them.

Valorant Raze Duelist Guide Defend
Keep the enemies at bay! | © Riot Games, Screencapture

This is a great way of defending, but there also exists the idea of flanking. Flanking is when you attack the enemy team from the back while you're on the defenders' side. This can be useful only in certain situations, so if you're a beginner, it's recommended you don't flank. Only flank when you absolutely know what you're doing in-game.

Valorant Duelist Tips and Tricks

Though you got the full extent of the guide, there are still some Duelist tips and tricks you should know of:

  • Practice your aim: a Duelist is nothing without aim. Playing aggressively requires good aim and reflexes, so you should hit the Practice Range
  • Don't be afraid to use your abilities: some Duelist mains are afraid and stay back to wait for their team to push first. You're the one who should push first, so don't be scared to pop your abilities and aim for a kill
  • Play and communicate with your team: if you're pushing hard angles with a Duelist in the midst of battle, your team has to be on the same level as you to watch your back and push in together with you
  • Strategize with Controllers and Initiators: before you push to get control of the site, you should wait until Initiators get intel on the enemies and until Controllers place their smokes to close off potential off-angles

Are you planning on defeating the enemies in a flashy way? Then this Duelist guide will help you out. If you want to share with us your Ace Clutch clips, you should join our Discord server!