Valorant Patch 4.07 Notes: New Servers, Bulldog/Stinger Changes & More

So, we know that a new Agent is coming soon, and Riot developers are hard at work. There's nothing big this week, but we still have some changes that many of you will surely be happy about.
Neon ult patch notes
Ability-based weapons are getting a little tweak | © Riot Games

This patch is a classic "calm before the storm", as we are just a few weeks away from getting a new Agent into the game. The 4.07 update doesn't actually include any Agent or map tweaks (not counting bug fixes), although it's still not without some exciting changes that may mildly affect gameplay. Let's get right into the details!

Server Updates

Let's start with a big treat for LATAM server players:

  • Added a new set of servers in Latin America, which should help with latency in that region.

Currently, LATAM is the server Riot uses to test out new features before releasing them for other regions. This server might not be very high on their priority list, but it's good to see them care enough about it to update and fix server issues.

Weapon Updates

In this update, Riot decided to make changes to Bulldog, Stinger, and Ability-based weapons (Chamber guns and Ultimate for Neon, Jett, and Raze).

Bulldog & Stinger

  • Bulldog and Stinger now delay firing inputs while bringing up the weapon to aim down sights (ADS).

This change should:

  • Prevent you from getting burst mode accuracy improvements before they finish raising your weapon.
  • Add a slight cost to the decision to switch to burst firing mid-combat.
  • Keep the ability to begin firing immediately while switching back to full auto/hip fire mode.

Ability-based Weapons

  • Ability-based weapons can now also be input-queued to equip after the current action.

This is a feature that Riot announced before, so it's no big surprise. Plus, with more Agents coming to the game, it's somewhat essential to solve it like this.

Store Updates

  • Load times for the VP purchase page should now load in a matter of seconds (previously, it would take more than thirty seconds in some instances).

So, just a small quality of life improvement.

Social Updates

  • Added new detections for different AFK-like behaviors in rotating game modes.

Another quality of life improvement, but it's needed. Again, Riot claimed that they will hardly focus on eliminating toxicity out of the game, and AFK players are a big part of that problem.

Bug Fixes

And lastly, as always, a bunch of bug fixes!


  • Fixed a bug where Yoru could use a weapon immediately at the end of his ultimate by exploiting an unwanted interaction with ropes.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to defuse the Spike while channeling abilities.
  • Skye’s Seekers can once again break through the destructible doors on Ascent.


  • Fixed a bug where comms-restricted players could not listen to team voice chat.
  • Fixed a bug where players were not always immediately removed from the game after being banned.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing performance bonuses to show at incorrect times.

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed an issue where briefly tapping the “Use Spike” button to plant the Spike could cause you to end up holding the Spike instead of your last equipped weapon.

And that's it for Patch 4.07! Nothing big, but as we've said, that's just a calm before the storm. The next Patch should come out on April 26th, which is shortly after Masters Reykjavik, and by that time, we should already know a lot about the upcoming Agent 19.

If you're already bored waiting for this whole Bounty Hunter/Blackmailer thing, make sure to join our Discord and have a chat with us and our amazing community!