Valorant Mobile Beta Launches Today!

Valorant's entry into the mobile market is officially just a matter of time. We have the first screenshots, the confirmation of the beta launch – we have it all! Without further ado, let's get right into the topic.
Valorant mobile 2
Looking good, doesn't it? | © Riot Games

Not so long ago, we were writing about Valorant coming to consoles, and today we already know that the game is expanding its availability to yet another platform – mobile devices. Before Valorant came out, game developers said they were considering making "Project A" for mobile versions as well. And there we have it; 2 years after that statement, the official Valorant Mobile beta went live.

Valorant Mobile: Screenshot

So, today (April 7, 2022) 3 screenshots from the gameplay of the mobile version of Valorant have hit the internet:

You look at them and think, "hmm, cool, but when will it come out", right? And is it even legit? Well, it is, and what's more, according to sources, the official Beta is starting today.

Valorant Mobile: Beta Version

Riot launched a Beta version for Valorant Mobile in China, and for the time being, it will be exclusive to this region only. However, Riot is working on creating an invitation system for other regions. As soon as that goes officially live, we'll surely inform you about it.

Until then, iOS users have nothing to do but wait, and Android users have to wait for the APK file to be leaked. And don't worry, that's completely legal – people played on Wild Rift for months on the unofficial version, and Riot never banned anyone for that.

Sources also say that even after testing, the game will initially be fully released for China and APAC regions before releasing for other regions. Still, then access to the APK file should be widely available.

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