Valorant Mobile: Release Date, Screenshots, Gameplay & More

Valorant's entry into the mobile market is officially just a matter of time. Let's see everything we know about the mobile launch of Riot Games' tactical shooter!

Valorant mobile 2
Looking good, doesn't it? | © Riot Games

Not so long ago, we were writing about Valorant coming to consoles, and today we already know that the game is expanding its availability to yet another platform – mobile devices. Before Valorant came out, game developers said they were considering making "Project A" for mobile versions as well. And there we have it; 2 years after that statement, the official Valorant Mobile beta went live.

Valorant Mobile: Release Date

Riot launched a Beta version for Valorant Mobile in China on April 7, 2022, and for the time being, it will be exclusive to this region only. However, Riot is working on creating an invitation system for other regions. As soon as that goes officially live, we'll surely inform you about it.

Until then, iOS users have nothing to do but wait, and Android users have to wait for the APK file to be leaked. And don't worry, that's completely legal – people played on Wild Rift for months on the unofficial version, and Riot never banned anyone for that.

Sources also say that even after testing, the game will initially be fully released for China and APAC regions before releasing for other regions. Still, then access to the Android APK file should be widely available, and you should be able to play the game regardless of your main region.

Valorant Mobile: Screenshots

Here is how the game presents on the leaked screenshots:

For now, this is pretty much all we have, but as we know from the sources, the mobile client has not received any major changes in the past few months. However, as soon as we get more screenshots and data, we will update this article.

That said, if you are into the whole Valorant Mobile thing, bookmark it somewhere for yourself!

Valorant Mobile: Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, we also don't have much footage yet, but there is still one interesting video that presents how the Valorant Mobile client works:

It looks cool indeed, but it still looks like the game is far from being finished. However, if Riot works on it, it could be the most polished and stable FPS mobile game ever released.

Valorant Mobile: Leaks

Until Valorant Mobile will be officially released worldwide, there are bound to be multiple leaks and rumors about the game. As for today, dataminers managed to find a Google Play Store listing for Valorant Mobile and through that, the first images of the loading and the login screen appeared online.

Only a very small number of players can currently test Valorant Mobile. This leak could suggest that Riot might expand this number, maybe even start an open beta soon?

Are you hyped? We surely are. Feel free to share your feelings about this whole Valorant Mobile thing on our Discord!