VCT 2022 Schedule: All Tournament Dates & Team Standings

The VCT 2022 has officially started! You're wondering when to take time off work and invite your Valorant buddies over for a VCT watching party? Here are all the dates you should know as a competitive Valorant enthusiast.

valorant esports season 2022 schedule
The complete VCT 2022 schedule in one place | © Riot Games

Whether you are interested in even the smallest events, majors or are into developing Game Changers, in this article you will find all the dates you need to know to stay up to date with the ongoing Valorant esports season. However, note that all these dates are preliminary and may change (but when they do, we'll update them as soon as possible). Be sure to also stay up to date with our Valorant section, where we keep you updated on the most important news on the esports scene.

VCT 2022: Complete Schedule

This year's VCT 2022 circuit will consist of two stages concluded with major tournaments. Just like last year, each region will have its own Circuit Point Standings, from which the best teams will advance to the Valorant Champions.

Teams that also did well but didn't make the top 2/3 of the standings will have a chance to fight for their place at the World Championships during Last Chance Qualifiers.

Stage 1

RegionTournament TypeDates
NAChallengers11.02 - 27.03
EMEAChallengers11.02 - 27.03
BRChallengers12.02 - 27.03
KoreaChallengers23.02 - 27.03
JapanChallengers26.02 - 27.03
APACChallengers10.03 - 27.03
LATAMChallengers10.03 - 27.03
All RegionsMasters14.04 - 29.04

Stage 2

RegionTournament TypeDates
NAChallengers13.05 - 26.06
EMEAChallengers13.05 - 26.06
BRChallengers14.05 - 26.06
KoreaChallengers21.05 - 19.06
JapanChallengers16.06 - 26.06
APACChallengers14.06 - 26.06
LATAMChallengers14.06 - 26.06
All RegionsMasters

10.07 - 24.07

Last Chance Qualifiers

All VCT 2022 Last Chance Qualifiers are scheduled to happen in August, whereas the Valorant Champions tournament is scheduled for September. For now, we don't know the exact dates and formats of both of these tournaments, but as soon as we know, we'll get you informed. Here is the targeted breakdown of regions for Valorant Champions:

Lcq slots b
Valorant Champions 2022 slots breakdown | © Riot Games

Valorant Champions Tour 2022: Team Standings

Curious who currently has the best chance of making it to the Champions? Here are the top 10 teams according to VCT Circuit Points Standings for North America and EMEA regions:

North America

RankingTeamVCT Circuit Points
1.OpTic Gaming1250
3.The Guard220
4.FaZe Clan75


Luminosity Gaming70


8.100 Thieves60
9.Evil Geniuses55


RankingTeamVCT Circuit Points
1.FunPlus Phoenix1200
3.G2 Esports


4.Guild Esports300
5.Team Liquid265
6.M3 Champions125
8.BBL Esports100
9.Natus Vinvere90

The Valorant Champions 2022 are finally here. From August 31st till September 18th, the best teams from around the world will compete against each other in Istanbul to become VCT Champions. The Teams are divided up into 4 groups and will compete in two rounds to determine the winners from each group. Here are the current results:

Opening MatchesResultsDates
Group APaper Rex VS. EDward Gaming2 - 131.08
Leviatán Esports VS. Team Liquid2 - 031.08
Group B

OpTic Gaming VS. BOOM Esports

2 - 101.09

0 - 2

Group CFunPlus Phoenix VS. KRÜ Epsorts

2 - 0

XSET VS. XERXIA2 - 003.09

2 - 0

Fnatic VS. 100 Thieves

1 - 2


Winners MatchResultsDates
Group APaper Rex VS. Leviatán Esports0 - 2


Group B

OpTic Gaming VS. LOUD

2 - 1

Group C

FunPlus Phoenix VS. XSET


Group D

DRX VS. 100 Thieves

2 - 003.09

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VCT Game Changers NA 2022 Schedule

So, that was it for the primary VCT 2022 circuit, and now something for female Valorant esports fans. After a lot of interest in Game Changers tournaments last year, Riot decided to scale this project and make it a year-round circuit. Here is the entire schedule for VCT Game Changers NA 2022:

StageTournament TypeDates
OneOpen Qualifier31.03 - 03.04
OneMain Event07.04 -10.04
TwoOpen Qualifier30.06 - 03.07
TwoMain Event07.07 - 10.07
ThreeOpen Qualifier06.10 - 09.10
ThreeMain Event13.10 - 16.10
FinalGame Changers World ChampionshipTBA