Valorant Player of the Month, April 2022: Marved

At this point, you all knew that our player of the month would be someone from OpTic Gaming. And although there are no weak players on this team, no one will be surprised that we chose Marved specifically.
Marved potm
M in his nickname stands for "MVP". | © Riot Games

OpTic Gaming is considered the best team in the world at this point, and not without a reason. Since August 2021, they have been one of the better performing teams on the scene and actually one of the greatest hopes of NA Valorant. So, as OpTic just won the first major tournament of 2022, it was obvious that one of these players would be our pick for the Player of the Month. And it was probably as obvious to many of you that it's going to be Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen.

Marved & His Valorant Career

Marved has been into competing in esports since 2015, when he tried his hand at CS:GO. Although he had brief episodes where he represented teams like Misfits Gaming and NRG, he didn't have much success to his credit. However, when it comes to his Valorant career, it's a totally different story.

Just one month after the game came out, Marved was recognized by FaZe Clan and represented them for almost a year in official tournaments. They even almost won the NA Stage 1 Masters last year, but unfortunately, it was just when the Sentinels were having their moment. But well, guess who's having their moment now!

Opticcc win
OpTic holding the VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters trophy | © Riot Games

Last summer, yay, and Marved joined the current roster of OpTic Gaming (then known as Team Envy), and since then, things have slowly started to change on the NA Valorant scene. At their first major (VCT Stage 3 Berlin), they finished second, losing 0-3 to Gambit Esports in the final. Still, that was an excellent result for such a fresh roster. And well, now the situation has reversed – Marved and the boys swept LOUD 3-0 and grabbed that sweet VCT Masters trophy.

Why is Marved our Player of the Month?

We want to highlight Marved for his outstanding performance during VCT Stage 1 Reykjavik tournament. You probably know that he was named MVP of the Grand Finals, but are you aware of his consistent performance throughout the entire tournament?

In fact, there was just one game where he had a negative KD ratio. And in some matches, he was an absolute beast. We've gathered the stats from all of his VCT Reykjavik games, just so you can understand it more:

vs.Match Result

Number of maps


Total KD

XERXIA Esports (Opening Match)Loss23137-6
KRÜ EsportsWin23725+12
XERXIA Esports (Decider Match)Win22827+1
The GuardWin34643+3
LOUD (Upper Bracket Finals)Loss34139+2
ZETA DivisionWin37045+25
LOUD (Grand Finals)Win36456+6

That gives us a total of +48 KD ratio. Yeah, these numbers don't lie. He was ready to win this tournament, and it surely required some big preparation, that we also want to appreciate by picking him as our Player of the Month.